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-"So this is it. Three months of no Harry", I sighed, trying to prevent the tears.

-"Three months of hell with no Jade for me", he said.

-"Give me a memorable hug and a passionate kiss just like in the movies will you?", I asked.

He smiled and lifted my up by his strong arms and gave me a nice, long kiss.

-"Stop before you guys swallow each other", Louis laughed.

Harry gently left me on the ground and I blushed.

-"We'll keep in touch", he said.

-"Of course. But only when you're free", I said. I'd hate to bother him.

-"Alright. Call me whenever you want to", he said.

-"Only when I need to, I don't want to disturb", I said.

-"I'll always have time for you", he said.

-"Jesus! We need to leave!", Liam said, tapping Harry's shoulder.

-"Bye Jade", Harry said, hugging me once more and kissing me.

I hugged everyone and said goodbye.

-"Harry wait!", I said when he turned around to leave.

I ran towards him and grabbed him by the collar, taking him off guard. I pursed my lips onto his neck and sucked a bit, leaving a little love bite.

He was with wide eyes.

-"Love bite", I squeaked.

-"Jade you make it hard to leave", he groaned, leaning onto me.

-"No Harry, you have to go now", I sang cheekily, poking my finger on his nose.

-"Come on mate!", Niall laughed.

Harry groaned and sloppily walked towards them.

We all said bye and went back into the vans.

It was Perrie, Kaela, Eleanor, Danielle and I.

-"Jade, your actions were sexy", Danielle teased.

I chuckled and blushed.

-"I was actually about to run towards Zayn and do the same but it was too late.", Perrie laughed.

We all joined her and ended up choking.

It started off as a good day. I hoped it went that way.

[Harry's POV]

I sat on the plane beside Niall and touched my love bite.

It was still a bit humid, but it felt sweet.

-"You guys are cute", Niall said.

I smiled at him and leaned back and closed my eyes.

I played with the love bite. It felt a bit swollen, and it was nice.

-"I will feel so sad when this comes off", I sighed, pointing at the pink mark on my neck.

-"You're lucky", Niall said.

-"Yeah... You're lucky too though, you have a pretty girlfriend", I said.

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