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{Jesy's POV}

-"Leigh, Perrie", I said, walking to their table.

-"Yes?", Leigh asked.

-"You were right. Jade is not Jade anymore... She is... Amelia", I said, with disgust.

-"I knew it", Perrie said.

-"Can I sit with you?", I asked.

-"Sure", they said, smiling.

{Jade's, I mean, Amelia's POV}

-"Come on Amelia", Daphnee said. I was feeling a little bad because of my behaviour with Jesy. Well, they were the oes who told me to take advantage of it right?

Actually, I like being with Tasha. She always tells us what to do when we don't know what to do. That's good isn't it?

-"Going", I told her, grabbing my purse. Now that I think about it, why do I carry a purse now?

-"Lia, I love your hair but you should never tie it like that. It looks bad on you", Heather said.

-"Really?", I said, untying my hair.

-"Much better", Heather said with a satisfied smile.

-"We're going to go buy stuff for prom today. Come with us Lia, I'll choose the perfect dress for you", Tasha suggested.

-"I already bought one with my other friends", I said.

-"Are they still your friends?", Heather asked.

-"Um... Yeah", I said.

-"Get over it. They hate you now, they would have already taken you away from us, knowing about the plan since they are smart", Daphnee giggled

-"What plan?", I asked.

-"Sheesh! Nothing! You know Daphnee, she's a poor bitch. She doesn't know what she's talking about", Tasha said.

-"Oh, okay", I said, looking at Daphnee who was trying to open her locker pushing it.

Wow, she IS stupid.

-"So, are you coming with us anyway?", Heather asked.

-"Sure", I said.


-"I'm buying these", Tasha said, taking a glittery, pink, tight, short dress with no sleeves. She also took some opened, light pink high-hills and a necklace from Swarovski / Swaroski / Swhatever.

Heather and Daphnee got similar outfits (Tasha's outfit was way better).

To be honest, I think our (Jesy, Leigh, Perrie and I) outfits are way cuter and better.

-"I'm tired. Shall we go now?", Tasha asked. We agreed.

She drove me home and I stomped in my house, tired.

-"How was school today sweetie?", mum asked.

-"School was fine. I'm pretty tired though", I said.

-"Go rest sweetheart", she smiled. I smiled back.

I could see in my mum's eyes . She was disappointed about the clothes I started to wear and my new friends. She was happy though, since I was starting to be not-bullied anymore.

I entered my room and took my cellphone out of my bag.

I had a text message from Harry.

to JadeㅡHello :) hows it going? I see you have new friendsㅡ

to HarryㅡHi :* im good, you? and yes, I have new friends.ㅡ

to JadeㅡI heard your name was "Amelia" now... ._.ㅡ

to HarryㅡOh... yes. That's my second name, but Tasha likes Amelia betterㅡ

to Jade/AmeliaㅡWhy do you care about what Tasha thinks? Are you a part of her group now?ㅡ

to HarryㅡI guess soㅡ

to Jade/AmeliaㅡWow Jade. Wow. Oh sorry, Ameliaㅡ

to HarryㅡHarry what's wrongㅡ

to Jade/AmeliaㅡNothing. Goodnight Jade, pardon, Ameliaㅡ

Why is everyone acting like this with me?

I like being with Tasha. Everyone treats you like a queen when you're with her.

Or not

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