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So I went to the park riding on my new penny with all my family. We were having fun and chilling out, but these so-on-the-top girls came up and sat on a bench (where I put my penny)... (and there was a guy between the girls too).

So, it was time for us to go and I had to go get my penny bc the groupy on the bench were near it. AND I HATE PESTS. So I walked up with a sexy and serious face, took my penny and walked away (the homo-pretty boy smiled at me but I made no gesture cuz he is a BEYUTCH) so I walked away, and didn't ride the penny (bc the groupy was expecting me to ride on it and fail) so I walked away like a boss. Oh yeah.

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{Perrie's POV}

Zayn looked nervous. He was tangling up his fingers and licking his lips.

-"Zayn, is everything alright?", I asked him.

-"What? Oh, yes everything's fine!", he said.

-"Zayn", I said, grabbing his hand.

He looked at my hand, then slipped his hand off and into his pocket.

He grabbed out a very fancy and beautiful box and opened it, making an amazingly beautiful ring with diamonds on it.

-"Perrie Louise Edwards, will you marry me?", he said.

I placed my hands against my mouth.

-"Yes!", I said, hugging him tight and kissing his cheek.

-"I love you", he said.

-"I love you too", I said.

{Jade's POV}

I saw them hugging... They were so adorable!

Harry softly placed his hand on mine. I smiled at me and rested my head on his shoulder.

-"They are lovely", I said.

-"You are more", he said.

I smiled at him with a 'omg-stahp-it-harreh' face.

The ferris wheel finished and we got down.

We went on many rides, and I got very tired.

-"Harry I'm a bit dizzy", I said.

-"Really?", he asked, looking at me.

-"Yes... Maybe the rides were too extreme!", I said in a childish voice. He laughed.

-"Let's go now", he said.

-"No, it's alright I can handle it for a while", I said.

-"No Pickle, let's go before you get sick", he said.

-"But Harry, I don't wannaaaaa", I insisted.

-"Jade", he said.

-"I don't want to become a party pooper", I said. Oh, my brain was shaking now. I almost lost my balance.

-"You see? Let's go babygirl", he said

-"Alright. You win", I said.

We went up to the rest.

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