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-"I would like orange juice please", I told the lady, who was passing by all the seats, offering drinks.

-"Sooo Jade, I wanted to talk about relationships. But low, I don't want Leigh or Jesy to hear us. They would feel bad, you know", Perrie said. We were on the airplane.

-"Okay", I smiled.

-"How does it feel to be Harry Styles' girlfriend?", Perrie asked, using her empty cup of juice as a microphone, as if I was in an interview.

-"It feels gooood", I hissed. Perrie giggled.

-"How does it feel to be Zayn's girlfriend?", I asked her.

-"Gooood aswell", she hissed the same way as I did.

-"Okay let's be normal-er", we laughed.

-"Did you ever have any boyfriends before?", Perrie asked. From all the questions she could have asked, she asks THAT miserable one.

-"I had one", I said.

-"What was his name?", she asked.

-"I don't even want to remember...", I said.

-"Tell me please?", she asked.

-"He was called Sam Craske", I whispered.

-"What's wrong with that?", she asked.

-"Jesy would hate me forever if I said his name again... I hate me for saying it.", I said.

-"Why did you break up?", she asked. Perrie, you make the best questions (note the sarcasm).

-"I wouldn't like to talk about that", I said.

-"Okay, I understand", she said.

-"How about you, did you ever have any other boyfriend?", I asked.

-"I had one, too. He was called Marshall", she said.

-"Why did you break up with him?", I asked.

-"Well...", she sighed, and started to laugh.

-"Why are you laughing?", I asked.

-"He was gay", she said. I couldn't help but burst into laughter.

-"Why the hell did he ask you out then?!", I laughed.

-"He wanted to keep his relationship as a secret so I guess he used me", she said, not taking anything seriously.

-"Did you love him?" I asked.

-"Oh yes I did. He treated me just the way a girl wanted to be treated", she said.

-"Then why are you talking so happily about your break up?", I asked.

-"Because I'm very glad I have Zayn now. You know, if you really, but really care and love your boyfriend, who is Harry right now, you shouldn't miss your older boyfriend. I mean, you broke up for a reason", she said.

She was right. Sam broke my heart. Harry also did, twice actually (when he told me that he wasn't going to prom with me and when he kissed Tasha Hanks), but I know he would never hurt me the way Sam did.

-"I agree", I said, smiling the sadness away.

Harry was perfect. Handsome, strong, honest, caring, loving, happy, humorous. Yet, there was a thing he didn't have, but Sam did.

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