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I am kinda upset, because some troll is using my kik username on Omegle.

A couple of days ago I got kik messages from perverts, and one even sent me a picture of his little dangle-wanky dick.

Not cool guys! If you keep acting like this how do you want me to feel comfortable?

Please let me know who did this. I won't hurt you or anything but just talk it through with you.

Anyway! Thanks for reading, thanks for all the votes and comments ^-^

Please, if you wanna and if you can, read "The Ugly Friend" a fanfic by @adelunaa.

Idk, I found it and she is new on wattpad but has an amazing plot and that story can really relate to me, and probably you guys too.


I promise, I'll try not to make so many exhausting and boring a/n's from now on.

Have a lovely day :)

x HappyDrunkNiall x ♥

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