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For the ones who have amnesia, Tasha is Tasha Hanks. The antagonist of this WHOLE story, how could you forget? She was the bully, the unforgetable one you know?

Well, please read "Dangerous Boy" by @ohthatboy it's really good she deserves so much.


-"Jade, wake up", Leigh said, shaking my shoulder.

-"Uh.. what time is it?", I said, rubbing my right eye while yawning like a hipo.

-"It's 9:00am but we need to rehearse", she said. I nodded. Everyone else was sleeping so I woke Perrie up while Leigh woke Jesy up.

-"Perrie, wakey wakey", I said, tugging her blanket off from her face.

-"Eeeegh! I'm buuurning!", she said, as if she was a vampire who was pushed into the sun.

-"How about we go to Dunkin' Donuts and have breakfast?" Jesy suggested.

-"Good idea", I said.

-"Do you know where Dunkin' Donuts is? We're in Greece, don't forget", Leigh said.

-"Uuuuurrmf... Breakfaaast", Perrie groaned, burrying her face into her pillow.

-"Let's go out and look for something to eat, I don't know", I said, getting in the bathroom to watch myself in the mirror with a blue bush in my head and an almost-transparent white mark of saliva in my cheek.

-"Still sleeping with your mouth opened eh?" Leigh giggled.

-"Shut up", I laughed, washing it off.

-"Have you seen my toothbrush? I swear I left it in the kitchen", Jesy said, coming up to the bathrooom with a zombie face, just like all of us.

-"Why would you leave your toothbrush in the kitchen", I laughed.

-"I don't know", she shrugged.

-"Well go look for it we haven't seen it", I said.

-"Guys, I have to pee", Perrie said, entering the bathroom and waving at us to leave.

-"Mornings are horrifying", I said.

-"Why?", Leigh asked.

-"We look like zombies", I laughed.

-"You're right", she laughed.

-"Found it!", Jesy said.

-"Where was it?", I asked.

-"In my bag.. Which one did I use yesterday?", she said.

-"Wait, where's MY toothbrush?", Leigh asked.

-"Umm", Jesy said.

-"Aw brother! Jesy?!", Leigh-Anne said, after she found her toothbrush stuck deep in the sink.

We started rolling around whilst laughing.

-"What's so funny?", Perrie asked.

-"BAHAHAHAA!", we laughed.

-"Meh", she said, and entered the room to change.


-"I was starving!", I groaned, having the last bite of my muffin.

-"Me too", Perrie said, taking a huge bite of her sandwich. We finally found a nice café to have breakfast.

-"Jesy, are you done?", I asked her.

-"Yeah", she said.

-"Will you go with me yo the bathroom?", I asked.

-"Why?", she said.

-"Come", I said, and she followed me.

-"Jesy can I have your phone for a second? I would love to talk to Harry", I said.

-"My phone?", she asked.

-"Yes, I would have asked Perrie or Leigh but they don't know about this and I would like to keep it for ourselves", I said.

-"Yes, okay", she said, taking her phone out of her pocket.

I dialled the number with the postal code and all that.

-"Hello?", he answered.

-"Hi, Harry it's me", I said.

-"Hey tweety", he said, in a lovely tone.

-"No time for love cupcake, sorry... Tasha is back, she's in Holmes Chapel looking for us", I said.

-"Really?", he said.

-"Yes I wanted to warn you. Please, while I'm here PLEASE do not trust her.", I begged.

-"Don't worry about me Jade, I will take care of myself. You be careful", he said.

-"Yes", I said.

-"Good", he said.

-"How's our baby?", I asked. Oh my, I can't believe I actually said that.

-"Sorry?", he said.

-"Poopey, I meant", I said.

-"Oh, he's good. I bought him a little dog-jacket", he said.

-"Aw, that's adorable", I said.

-"Yeah... Okay, I have to go meet the boys", he said.

-"Okay, take care babyboy", I said.

-"You too sweet cake. I'm taking our baby too", he said.

-"Haha, okay", I chuckled.


-"Bye", I said, hanging up.

-"What did he say?", Jesy asked.

-"He said he can take care of himself, and I have confidence on him", I said.

-"Good", she smiled, pulling me into a hug.

-"Everything will be fine", she said.

While a woman coming out of the stall stared at us like WTF.

Uh, right. We're still in the bathroom.

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