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♥GUYS OMG yes. I rushed things a little bit because to be honest, you can't wait to read (I suppose) and I can't wait to write. Oh, and also.

Why don't you comment? I write a whole story for you and you don't thank me for that; just as if you accidentally flew a fork right into my eye and just walked away without saying sorry.

COMMENT that's all I wish for. Hope I get lot's of comments, and loooooong ones♥

*After a week*

[Jade's POV]

I was waiting in the long line to sign up for the X Factor. Gosh, I'm nervous.

-"Harry, I really don't want to do this now", I said.

-"Come on, we've come wy too far to give up", he said.

-"I'm so nervous", I shivered.

-"Don't be, it's perfectly fine", Harry said.

-"How do you know?", I said.

-"Because you're talented", Harry said.

I finally got my number and walked in the place, full of people who were going to audition.


-"Huh?", I said, turning around.

-"Oh my God, Leigh-Anne!", I said, jumping on top of her like a koala who found its old tree.

-"Where have you been Jade!", she said.

-"I'm sorry! I absolutely forgot to tell you I moved here with Harry and I wasn't able to call you since my phone accidentaly fell into the toilet at the airport", I said.

-"But hey, we meet again!", she said, jumping around aswell as I did.

-"Aye, I'm so happy to see you", I said.

-"I'm happier! Oh, hi", Leigh said to Harry.

-"Hi, how are you", Harry smiled back.

-"Good, you?"


...as awkward as a hipo on roller skates.

-"Hey Leigh-Anne, how are you and Dylan?", I asked.

She sighed.

-"I'm sorry", I said.

-"It's okay... He was cheating on me with Perrie", Leigh said.

-"What?!", I said.

-"Let's don't talk about this okay... Ay, by the way! Jesy is here too!", Leigh said.

-"What?!", I said, again.

-"Yeah, she came to audition too", she said.

-"Wait. She sings? I mean, you sing?", I said.

-"Wait, Jade you sing?", Leigh said.

We both laughed.

-"Jesy!", Leigh said, standing up.

-"Oh! Hey Le- JADE?!", Jesy said.

-"JESY!", I said, running onto her.

-"Where were you!", Jesy said. I explained her everything.

-"Oh my Gosh, I'm nervous... Ah, hello Harry, I saw you on TV! One Demension?", I said.

-"Haha, One Direction", Harry said.

-"Oh you're right, silly me", Jesy said.

-"So what are you going to sing?", Leigh asked us.

-"It's actually the second time I audition, well. I'm going to sing I Want to Hold Your Hand by The Beatles", I said. {A/N: I absolutely love The Beatles. Go listen to I Want To Hold Your Hand, Love Me Do, From Me To You, etc}

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