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-"Harry Styles?", a guy said.

-"You can do it Harry, I love you, don't be so nervous, good luck!", I said.

-"Thank you, I love you!", he said.

-"I love you more!", I said.

Everyone was cheering.

-"Hello, what's your name?", one of the judges asked.

-"Harry Styles", he said.


-"I'm through!", he said.

-"Congratulations! I was so nervous for you!", I cheered.

-"Thanks for everything", he said, hugging me.

-"I'll always be there for you", I said.

-"Jade Thirlwall?", the guy asked.

Gosh, I'm about to pee my pants.

I walked up to stage and saw trillions of people.

-"Hello sweetie, what' your name?", Simon Cowell asked.

-"Jade Thirlwall", I said.

-"What are you going to sing?", he asked.

-"Beautiful by Christina Aguilera", I said.

-"Does that song represent anything?", Nicole Scherzinger asked.

-"Well, at school I was really bullied", I said. I started to feel my eyes getting a squeenky little humid.

-"Sorry", she said.

-"It's okay", I said.

-"Okay, go ahead", she said.

I started singing.

It went all right.

Then Simon told me to stop.

-"Jade, listen", he said. Gosh, he's so harsh. I mean, just listening to his voice makes me upset.

-"I don't think you're ready yet", he said.

Everyone yelled "boooooo!".

-"Your vocals went perfectly right, but when you sing, I can't feel what you want everyone to feel", he said. I'm mentally kicking his balls.

-"Okay", I whispered.

-"Jade, I think that was amazing. But, I also agree with Simon.", Nicole said.

-"Jade that was fantastic! I don't know why they think that, but in my opinion, that was perfect!", Louis said.

-"Thank you", I said.

-"Okay, let's vote. Louis?", Simon said.

-"Absolutely yes!", he said.

Everyone yelled "yaaaaay!".

-"Nicole?", Simon asked.

-"Sorry sweetie, I don't think you're ready, I'm going to have to say no", she said. Aw pooey..

-"Simon?", Nicole asked.

-"Well... I'm going to have to say..."

Please Simon.

-"No", he said.

I'm mentally stabbing him with a microphone.

-"You're too young, and I don't think you're strong enough yet", he said.


-"Jade!", Harry said, smiling.

-"I told you I really didn't want to come, I wasn't ready and now I'm just feeling a little upset", I said.

-"You didn't get through?", he asked, hugging me.

-"Yes", I said.

-"Jade, I'm sorry", he said.

-"It's fine", I said.

We went back home. I tried to hide my emotions, but miserably failed.

Harry constantly said "Jade try it out next year, this year was just a pratice, you weren't ready", or, "Jade, no matter what everyone says, you're talented", but mostly, he said "Jade, try it out next year please I have good feeling about it".



Just maybe.

I'll try it out next year.

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