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-"I was going to ask..", I started. There was a crowd around us.

-"I'm not going to go to prom with you if that's what you wanted to ask", he said. Ouch.

-"No, I wanted to ask... Were you at the mall last Saturday? I think I saw you", I said. Oh my God, I want to cry.

-"No", he said.

-"Oh, okay", I said, and walked away to the bathroom while sobbing.

-"Jade, please. It's okay, he's a douchebag. I can't believe he said that", Jesy said, running in the bathroom.

-"Me neither. You're perfect, just come out", Perrie said.

-"Oh no... Jade, are you cutting?", Leigh asked. Oh, I think she saw the blood dropping down to the white floor.

-"Come out now!", they insisted, banging at the stall.

After a while, I came out of the stall. They wrapped me into a hug.

-"Jade", Jesy said, with her eyes wet.

-"I'm okay... You know, I don't think I really want to go to prom anymore", I said, washing my wrist.

-"We are all going to go together Jade.", Leigh said.

-"Ugh", I groaned.

-"Jade, calm down. Let's go to class, we are late", Jesy said. I nodded.


School was over. We all (Jesy, Leigh, Perrie and I) said goodbye and I walked home. Of course, people noticed that I actually wanted to ask Harry to go to prom with me, so they were yelling out things like "Do you really think he would go to prom with you if he even rejected Tasha Hanks?" (Tasha Hanks is the 'hottest' girl from my class. She's really rude though).

I was so embarrassed. Seriously, what was I thinking? Harry Styles with me? Pffftttshhhhhh.

I arrived at my house. Should I lock myself in the bathroom and cut again?

Uh, no... I should try to fix that.

-"Hi sweetie", my mum said.

-"Hello mum", I said.

-"How was school today?", she asked.

-"Not good, as usuall", I said.

-"Uh... I would love to help Jade, I would definitely love to help", she said.

-"Mummy, it's okay. I'm used to this", I said.

-"Uy Jade.... Oh, how I wish to make you the happiest girl in the world", she said.

-"Mum, are you crying?", I said.

-"Mummy, I think I should go upstairs before I start crying. We're going to end up filling up the house with tears", I laugh-cried. She nodded and I went upstairs.

-"Hello?", I said, picking up the unknown phone call.

-"Hello, is this Jade?", someone said.

-"Yes", I said.

-"Hi th-this is Harry, Styles. Harry Styles.", he said.

-"Oh, yes. Go ahead, laugh at me. I'll just go cut myself again", I said, rolling my eyes and getting a razor-blade.

-"Did you cut before? Because of me?", he asked.

-"Why do you care. You know, I think I should hang up before you hurt my feelings. Agai. Bye", I said.

-"Wait Jade!", he said.

-"What now, Harry?", I said.

-"I would love to go to prom with you", he said.

Of course. Of vourse he woukd bring another nasty comment about how ugly I was and how... Wait what?

-"Hello?", he said. Right now I was jumping on the bed silent-screaming.

-"Ay no way!", I said.

-"Yes", he giggled.

-"Oh my Goooooooood!!!!!!", I squealed.

-"Yeeeeeeeesss!!!!!!", he squealed, mocking me.

-"Are you serious?", I asked.

-"Yes", he said.

-"Why didn't you tell me when I wanted to ask you?", I said.

-"I was nervous, I was waiting for you to ask me but it never happened. Then when it did happened I was really nervous", he snorted.

-"Oh my God, you rejected Tasha Hanks", I said.

-"Gosh, she's annoying", he said.


-"She's been begging me everyday to go with her. Every. Single. Day. No lie!", he said.

-"Wow", I said.

-"I know"

-"Well... See you, I need to go help my mum. She's calling", I said.

-"Okay, see you tomorrow", he said.

-"By the way, you'll love the dress I'm going to use", I said.

-"Let's wait for it, I'm excited", he said.

-"Aha, okay. Bye Harry", I said.

-"Bye Jade", he said.

Since then, I couldn't stop smiling.

What if it's all just a game?

No. It can't be!

I'm not sure how I should feel right now.

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