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Songs of the chapter:
Paradise, Coldplay.
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I open my eyes, I feel my cheek wet and realize I'm over something soft and moist, I raise my head and blink twice when I see I'm over a man. His head is up so I can't see who is, I smile thinking its Harry but when his butterfly tattoo and others aren't on him I freak out.
I lift my body startled and cover my mouth scared, it's Carter.
I slept with Carter.
I check my body and I'm naked, I take the first shirt and panties I find and run to the door.
"Where you going?" Carter asks, his voice is husky and I didn't know he has such an amazing body, he sits down and his "six pack" is shown. He is naked, I can't see his dick because of his position but he doesn't have anything on so I sigh scared.
"This is so wrong. I love Harry I don't even know why I'm here, I'm so fucking stupid," I start crying, "what happened? What is this?" I ask covering my face with my hands.
"Hey," he puts on some boxers quickly and walks to me, I start trembling when I realize we obviously had sex.
I cry harder and sit on the floor, I can't believe I'm so stupid and I could do this to my boyfriend. This isn't happening; I didn't just sleep with another man when I just love Harry Styles and no one else.
I feel hands brushing my cheeks, when I open my eyes I see Harry wearing the same boxers Carter was wearing seconds ago but Carter isn't here anymore... I'm still in the same room.
Was it Harry all the time and I just had a reflection of Carter?
Harry frowns and meows, then licks my forehead and I hear something falling...
"Snug," I whisper, moving my cat to the other side of the bed.
I'm here lonely with my cat, this is the second time I have a dream in which Carter morphs into Harry or upside down. Snuggles has been acting so weird, he's been crying during the nights and when I'm home he is always on top of me putting his head into my hands so I caress him but I've studied a lot so a haven't had time to do it. He was never that way, he hasn't eaten like before and I can't blame Gemma because she came daily to fed and take care of him sometimes with Jacob or without him, maybe Snug just missed us a lot and acts like a kitty.
This is so stressful, I know I overreacted to Harry when we broke up but I just need him so freaking much that's why I've ignored him these two weeks, because I am so ashamed and I don't want to talk to him, I reacted so bad and I'm feeling really stupid for my behavior.
I take my shower so I get ready for college, I started yesterday, same classmates as before but I have some different subjects from a semester behind while I recover the ones I failed. It's been easy, working in a company helps so much and tomorrow in the morning I'll make one of ten exams from the subjects I failed, I know I'll do good.
I walk to the kitchen, a long towel wrapped around my breast and another one around my hair while I feed Snuggles. I hear a door shut outside, I walk to the door and open it just a little so I can see what's going on.
"You're so miserable," Carter whispers, "how can you ruin someone's happiness?"
"Didn't you want them to break up so she was yours? I didn't plan this alone Cart, you helped me so don't come and blame me..." She crosses her arms above her breast.
"But you didn't have to hurt her that way..." He shakes his head.
"I just did what I had to, she deserved to know the truth... I am the one who suffers here not anyone else, I was waiting Harry to ask me officially to be his girlfriend and then this girl appeared and he tore me apart,"
"You don't even like that piece of shit," Carter rolls his eyes.
"He is extremely hot and famous, of course I like him a lot," she tilts her head to my door so I close it quickly.
I lean my back on the door and cry, what she said is true and she didn't say it because I was seeing her... she didn't know I was listening.
I hear her laughing whilst Carter groans, she is a bitch and after all, I believe more in Harry. She is laughing because what she just said was a lie, I look through the peephole and Carter isn't here anymore so she can continue acting as the devil itself. She just said that because she wants Carter to hate on Harry and assure himself he is so mean and stupid, that he is a womanizer.
I shake my head not believing how stupid she is, how I believed what my mind wanted to hear and how it made me act such dramatically so I kissed Carter and ended for that reason our relationship, for being such a fucking idiot and not believing in my love instead of my jealous head.

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