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Talking To The Moon, Bruno Mars.


When the shower is almost over; Lou's sister gets with Lux. Lux had an appointment at the parlour for cutting her hair for the first time in her life... so cute.

"Hey Li," she says to me.

"Hey Lux, how was your haircut?" I ask her while she sits beside me.

She literally jumps and I hug my nephew tighter so he doesn't fall, she's little and the sofa is so tall for her tiny figure.

"Lux, be careful with the baby," Lou scolds her.

"I'm sorry!" Lux kisses his head, she is just so cute.

"It's totally okay!" I assure her.

"What's his name?"

"Andrew but you can call him Andy,"

"Andy! I like it," she shrugs and laughs. "Is he Uncle Harry's son mama?"

"No!" Lou exclaims laughing, "he is Linda's brother son,"

"Does he have a daughter?" The way she pronounces daugh-ter is so cute, a British baby is very cute.

"No, he doesn't. It's just Andy,"

"I want a picture posted on Instagram with Andy!" She asks... or obliges her mother.

"Sure," she smiles.

Lux takes Andy's hand and smiles at the camera while Lou takes the picture.

"I wanted to play with a girl like me," she pouts.

"You can play with me though," Harry speaks behind us.

"Harry!!" She screams and runs to hug him.

I really thought he had left the shower a long ago.

They walk to the backyard and play with a ball she brought; I just look at them playing and see how soft he is with babies and how good as a father he will do someday.

"Linda," Gemma calls my name, I don't know when she sat beside me and when Lou went away but I just turn around.


"Andrew is very uncomfortable," she says.

I look down and his head is hanging from his neck, I rest my back on the sofa and rest his head on my shoulder while he sleeps.

"Oh, my Goodness," I laugh.

"It's okay... we all always distract ourselves with guys we love,"

"Gem," I shake my head.

"Okay I know I was rooting for you but I just talked to him and I'm not saying he didn't do wrong but just listen to him, that way you'll free your heart and if you don't want to talk to him then don't but just don't live with anger and sadness because it's heartbreaking seeing you laugh-less or whichever the word is," she laughs.

"I don't think that word exists," I giggle.

"Whatever," she rolls her eyes, "just do it and you will be happy okay?"

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