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Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran.

Linda nods ashamed and laughs, I just nod smiling and Louis bangs my arm slightly.

"I know you are," he comments making fun of us, "I need to dance with my mom so... talk to you later," he waves and walks away.

Before I can tug her back to me Robin and my mom come, Robin asks her to dance and I do it with my mother.

Then another old man asks her to dance, not just one song but three and I just laugh from where I am... she did the same with me so I'm avenging, I'm vindictive.

The night is almost over and I really want to be with her and dance so I walk to them.

"Can I have my girl back please?" I ask the man, he hesitates a little but then nods.

"Nice meeting you Molly," he smiles at Linda and kisses her hand.

"Molly?" I laugh and hold her hand.

"Yeah... he was so curious about everything and I just felt scared... for my security I told him I am Molly and I am from Hawaii," she explains and I laugh again.

"Don't be rude, that man looks nice," I mock her voice and she rolls her eyes.

"He was really weird," she defends herself and wraps her arms around my neck; I place my hands on her hips while she rests her cheek on my chest and continues dancing along with the music.

"Do you want me to remember him he won't own you because you're just mine?" I whisper in her ear, she shivers and I feel it, she looks at me and kisses my cheek.

"No, everyone already knows," she says.


"Thanks for everything," she thanks Dan again.

"Thanks for been here for us today," he smiles and hugs us both.

"Have fun in your honeymoon," I say.

We leave with Niall now that she doesn't want to leave him alone even a second because he's depressed about Kaylee and yes, I know he is always laughing but is different to just giggle and feel laughter for happiness.

"I am so hungry," Niall comments while we are close to Nando's... he's always hungry when we drive near a restaurant...

"Do you want to buy something?" Linda asks him like if he was a baby.

"Yes!" Niall jumps on the chair behind me.

I park and just Niall goes to buy quickly his food, it doesn't take him that long and he returns with French fries for us too.

We comment about people in the wedding all the way to the hotel, we are supposed to get there, take our bags and go straight to Heathrow but I really think Linda forgot so.

She goes to the room where she stayed last night and I go to Cal's, no one even stayed at ours and I'm feeling stupid for the fight we had yesterday and how everyone saw it.

"I have my bags, what about you?" She comes into the room, hugs my back and kisses my arm.

"Same," I smile and turn around looking at her, "you remember right?" I ask.

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