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Louis and his family go to the swimming pool of the hotel, Liam and his family decided to go for a walk, Zayn and his family go to their house, they have another family reunion there. Niall's and us, decide to go to play golf. Even though I really hate golf, I am happy today and I won't ruin it. My dad and mom decide to sit below a tree, they are laughing so hard and talking about something... I don't really know what it is but just looking at them makes me believe something I'm truly sure it's right, they're still in love.

"So let's play!" Harry screams. We are separated in teams: Me, Harry, Ella and Matt in a team, Niall, Kaylee, Gemma and Ben in another one. I don't really know how to play golf but this is just about having fun.

I don't know what I am doing but actually I am kicking that ball so far, Matt says I am grabbing the brat wrong but I am still winning, I say it's a new way to play it that just girls called Linda can do it. When finish playing, I cast my eyes on my parents and now they are with Robin and Anne laughing so hard.

"Do you think a separated couple can get back together again?" I ask Ella.

"Yes. My best friend's parents have divorced twice and now they are together again... I guess that's happening to yours?"

I nod. "I kinda think that will happen soon," I assure. I feel bad for Joe, I really like him for my mom and thanks to him she quit alcohol but she really loves my dad, they never stopped loving each other, the only thing that separated them was the distance, not the lack of love.

"I kinda think the same," she says when my dad wraps his arm around my mom's shoulder and they laugh along with Robin and Anne. We laugh too and continue playing.

"I really think you are cheating, like doing that can't make you win!" Niall yells.

"She's not, babe," Kaylee rolls her eyes disdainfully and then kisses his cheek. They are such a cute couple, no one can believe they are together but yeah... they actually are, and the most perfect one I've seen.

"Are you defending another team?" he fights back, of course mocking her.

"Yes, she is my best friend." Niall squints and clenches his jaw, walking toward us.

"Let's change then, boys against girls." He suggests us.

"Alright. Girls here!" Kaylee yells and Ella and I run towards her.

This is sort of a competition between Niall and Kaylee in which we six are participating.


"You're just jealous of her," Harry says to Niall.

We won.

"No, I just..." I pat his shoulder.

"I can teach you my moves," I tease and he rolls his eyes but then laughs.

"Sure, but Kaylee would be jealous."

"And me," Harry comments and we all laugh, it's the most peaceful day ever and I am enjoying it just so, so much.

We all go to the stadium were the boys are going to perform tonight, this time we have seats in the upper part of the place. My dad is coming soon, he went to take Lauren to bring her here because she is a fan of them and wants so bad to meet Zayn, and according to Dad she loves him more than her own life, so cute. Harry asks me to go backstage with him and Mom before the concert starts.

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