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"I know something is happening, you just don't come and say me that out of the blue," I snap.

Is not like I wanted to bring up my conversation about Paige but is just so weird and I don't feel like playing with my own feelings again like last time, when it didn't just affect me emotionally but physically as well. All of this just makes my stomach problems worse that they are supposed to be.

"Well," I pat my leg waiting for an answer but he is just looking at me, straight in the eyes without motion or emotion.

"I'm not hiding anything," he assures.

Not like I'm so sure yet...

"Whatever makes you happy," I roll my eyes disgusted, maybe Paige is a liar and a bitch but I feel like some of what she said is true, I don't want to fight or argue at least a little with Harry but his reaction about it was weird.

He sits up caresses my cheek, "don't get mad please,"

"I'm not mad," I try to smile but something hurts me inside, not the way I've been feeling since Paige appeared but the way I've been feeling in my dreams when it's a vision of them somehow romantically. That stab in the heart when they kiss in my mind...

"I love you," he whispers and barely kisses lightly my lips when push him softly away, he furrows his brows at my motion and moves a little back.

"You're mad," he insists.

"I'm not," I assure him. I turn around so I can jump out of the bed and I hit my arm with the back of the headboard, my bruise hurts so bad and I'm about to scream but I cover my mouth with my hand.

"Then what's up to this?"

"I'm not feeling good," I lie and place my feet on the floor, I stand up and walk to the closet but Harry bumps over me, he grabs softly my arm but thanks to the incident I had seconds ago it hurts so much.

"Be careful," I jerk away from his touch and rub my arm up and down.

"I didn't even touch you hard,"

"But I hit myself and I have a little bruise," I explain angrily, I don't know why I am mad but I just feel anger.

"Let me see," he speaks with such sweetness that my blood pressure decreases.

I sigh and take off the sleeve from my arm, exposing my bare bruise to him. I look at it when I see Harry's eyes opening wide like if had seen a spider, I look at the bruise and see it swollen and with little blue dots around.

"How come is it a little bruise Linda?" He asks, examining closer the contusion.

"It was little two days ago," I confess, I am terrified by it too.

"How did you do this?" He asks meeting my eyes.

I can't usually lie when someone is looking directly at me, I try quickly to look for lies in the folder from my head but nothing comes out. I feel his eyes forcing me to respond something but my mouth is shut and I can't think of a better lie...

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