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He sits me on his lap and the towel wrapping my hair falls to the floor, making my wet hair drop.

"You are wonderful," I tell him.

"So you are." He kisses me.

"Your time to take the shower." I get off his lap and check the pictures from the camera waiting for him.

It just has ten pictures, two of them are the ones Niall took and eight others were taken in Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Chile, from the hotel and the people. I know which one is going to be the first picture I am going to snap and I am so excited about it.

We go to my house after he packs his bags, so that I pack mines. He helps me choosing which attires I should take with me, simple but fashionable things, he really is good in these clothes choosing.

"Remember that box your dad gave me?" Harry questions while checking my closet.

"Yes!" I continue folding my clothes, putting them into the bag.

"It was this." He takes out the box from his tight jeans, I just wonder how that fitted there. He takes out the trinket it has inside. "It was from your grandmother, he used to have a picture of her and his husband inside, when she passed away she gave it to your dad and he was supposed to put inside a picture of his wife, now that he is single he wants you to have it and put inside a picture of..."

"Us," I finish for him, "we are serious now, aren't we? So we will take a picture with my new camera and then put it in here." I point the circled trinket and kiss him.

"I love you," he whispers.

We go to Kaylee's house. When we arrive, a text from my mom pops in my phone and I feel scared.

*happy birthday! Sorry I couldn't text you yesterday but the spa was full of people! I love you and miss you!* it surprisingly reads, since when does she misses me?

The magazines, social networks, newspapers and news are filled with things like "wildest birthday of all! Harry and Linda getting drunk for her 19s" "are the trending couple back just to party?" "Dressing up like animals to avoid paps meanwhile they are intoxicated in the street?" And I was scared of her to see it. I know Jacob is helping me after all; he tries to avoid my mom from watching TV, reading entertainment news or even listening to the radio and this make it easier if she has a lot of work, Jacob is an angel but when he isn't home but in college... she can read something and...

When we get to the airport, four familiar faces are there. Gemma is with them, little Lux is hugging her leg and for God's sake she has grown up so much, her hair is longer than mine -which reaches my lower back-, she is thinner because she used to be a beautiful fatty baby and she is just gorgeous. Liam, Sophia, Louis, and Zayn are already there and I just want to know when Kaylee and Niall are getting here.

"Maybe we didn't tell you yesterday but we are together again," Harry tells everybody and they all make a lot of noise. I blush immediately; I hold his hand and try to avoid my big smile from all of them, casting my eyes on the floor instead.

"Congrats! I love you together!" Gemma hugs me, "H's a pain in the ass without you," she jokes and I laugh.

"We are together again too." Liam says after everyone congratulates us and then we do the same with him and Sophia. I'm really glad I could help with this, I don't want them to feel uncomfortable near me now that I almost saw them having...

"And we are together since always!" Louis screams and hugs Zayn.

We all laugh and congratulate them as well. I know there's something weird between him and Eleanor, something isn't good at all...

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