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I open slowly my eyes, big bags patching them. I scratch my neck; I don't know in which position I fell asleep, all I know is that it was uncomfortable as hell. I can't believe I finally told him, what does he think about me now? I changed, I am not that seventeenth girl trying to escape from everything smoking and drinking but I was that way, I don't want him to think shit about me now because he is just so important to me and it will be heartbreaking if he happens to leave me after this.

I leap out when something brushes my feet and when I sit up and see Dusty there, meowing and playing with a toy. I notice by now, I am alone, where's Harry? It is 3am in the morning and he isn't here.

"Hey," Harry appears. He puts Dusty down and sits beside me, "I brought you tea." He pets my hair and kisses my forehead before handing me green tea with mint. "How are you feeling?"

I nod, whispering a "good" after swallowing the tea, feeling mint all over my lungs and releasing some of the tension my body had. I smile at him and he glares, smirking, laughing when he moves forward me and makes the cup slip tea on the sheets.

"Hey, nice nail colour." Harry holds my hand and kisses my fingertips.

"It is," I comment and he nods.

"I-I feel honoured that you told me your secret... I know it is hard to tell someone a big hidden secret and I want to tell you mine. It's something neither my family knows but just the boys and now you," he begins, cracks his knuckles and takes my cup, drinking a bit of it. "Just when our career began, I don't know if you were aware but I just wanted to date older women. And I started doing it, I don't really know why but it made me feel more power myself, I felt bigger and it made me proud. I had my first time with a woman older than me,"

"Caroline Flack," I snap, trailing off after that. "Sorry, I-I searched about you on Google just when I met you." I confess ashamed.

"You must tell me about that after this," he smiles and continues with his story, "before Caroline I met another woman, Lucy Horobin... she was 32 and I was 16. I really liked her; I almost was in love with her because she was just like another experience to me, she knew about everything about being an adult and I felt very well with her, it was magical. Every day she treated me better but when we were around people she said I was the son of a friend and then... I discovered she was married, she was married and I was a mistress. I decided to leave her forever I broke up that marriage." His tears stream hard down his cheeks.

"Oh, Harry." I petty him, when he whimpers and coughs I pull myself away.

"I am sorry," I laugh and he kisses my nose.

"If you wanted to kill me by leaving my breathless do it another way," he giggles and kisses me.

I really love us even more now, he told me his secret and I told him mine. I feel we are even closer now and the strength I need today to tell everything to my mom, to fight for this telling her I will continue with the tour for two more months and that I stopped studying for him, that I love him more than anything and that I lied her about being in LA doing an internship worth it, I feel the force on my limbs to fight for him tomorrow. My mom won't let me down, I know she has changed, just for Joe because she doesn't want to lose him but I know her so well when she loses control and her neglect about my life since Dad left is a gift now, maybe she doesn't care because she really hasn't done it.

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