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Song of the chapter: You, The 1975


"Whatever it is can wait, I want to show you something..." She stands up and tugs me up with her, we run to a tree and she takes out a knife. "Right here Kay and I wrote we were going to be friends forever," she points a little heart in the tree that contains "L & K = BFF" and I smile, this is too cute. "So now I will add you." She cuts the tree, writing and "H" and then an "L" writing above them a "forever" and I can't, I can't tell her now about it, I am not ruining this today.

"I love you forever," I kiss her and she nods mouthing an "I know you do". Fuck, I can't. "Let's go for ice cream,"

"Yes!" She jumps like a little girl and we walk to the food center, there's a Milkshake City so we make the line, I know she feels weird with tons of people looking at us so I hug her and focus on her talk about how much she loves chocolate mint ice cream because is the best one in the world.

We end up ordering vanilla ice cream because is the quickest, this place is filling every time with more and more people and I've realised she hates this attention so it's better if we leave the shop now.

"Can I have a picture?" A woman with three girls asks me, I really want to spend time with Linda and no one else, today I am just Harry Edward Styles, not a singer but just the British guy.

"Of course," Linda responds for me and nods, "do you want me to take the picture?"

"It'll be lovely," the woman says and hands her the camera.

"Say cheese!" Linda screams enthusiastically and we do so.

"You are such an amazing couple. You are gorgeous and lovely," the woman says to Linda.

"Thank you, so you are and your beautiful girls." She smiles and the woman thanks her and walks away.

"I really am sorry, I just want you to have a perfect peaceful day and-,"

She kisses me, "shut up. This is the best place and moment ever; these people don't have the opportunity to see you daily like me so I don't mind at all."

Two more girls came to us and Linda takes the pictures, I know she doesn't enjoy this so much but her support on my job is the most important thing I need.


Linda's POV.

"Is it here?" She points the bakery. "I actually used to come here every weekend with Danny."


"I was 13, I guess? Then he moved out when I was 15 so we stopped coming..."

"This is odd." He laughs, "I used to work in that time here babe. Why didn't we see each other by then?"

I shrug, wow, this is insane. Maybe we really were in the same place and never eyed each other... or maybe we did but we don't remember us. No, I would have remember him... he's too hot to be forgotten.

We climb out, the same woman that used to attend us is here, this place hasn't changed at all, the same menu and the same things... wow.

"Harry!" The woman exclaims happy and hugs him. "Who's this beautiful lady?" She looks at me and squints.

"She's Linda, my girlfriend." Harry introduces us.

"Nice to see you again!" She hugs me and kisses my cheek.

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