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"I'm not a murderer or a kidnapper," he laughs.
I laugh along, I know I sounded ridiculous and we actually are going somewhere my mother and his want us to go because they called.
I don't know how to feel about him, it's so different... I am not hating him or feeling like avoiding him but I just feel happy again being by his side.
We get to a restaurant, I check the time and then sigh when I read the date.
"It's Joe's birthday and I didn't buy him anything Harry!" I exclaim.
"Let's just get out here and we go to some shop and buy him something,"
"Good idea!"
"I always have good ideas," he bites his lip and I blush.
"Not always but congratulations today,"
We get out of the cab two blocks away from the restaurant and get into a Louis Vuitton.
"Pretty please choose him something because I know nothing about men's fashion style," I beg.
"You bought clothes with me and for me,"
"It's different, I know you very good and I haven't had the opportunity to spend too much time with Joe," I say.
"List me four things that you know and anyone else's don't about me,"
I roll my eyes and start looking for something, if he isn't helping then I am doing this by my own. I don't want him to treat me this way, I don't want to laugh along with his laugh so I'll remember how much I love him and go back to my depressive-post-breakup stage.
"This one!" He points a black beret, he wears it and then a beige leather jacket with a huge "V" on the right side where a pocket it's supposed to be.
"Joe would never wear that," I try not to smile.
"He would! Just let me morph him," he closes his eyes and concentrates trying to find his Joe and he opens his hands and frowns while looking at me. He is so serious that I break into laughter, so does he.
"I'm still not buying that,"
"I'll buy the beret! I'm getting sick of fedoras and beanies..." He hands me the hat and I shake my head laughing.
I stand in front of the mirror and put his hat on, "you look like a Cheetah Girl," he jokes and we both laugh.
We laugh harder and harder until I hear a snap, I tilt my head and see a girl taking pictures of us and then she rolls her eyes when we make eye contact.
"Harry," I whisper and turn around giving her my back. "There's a teenager taking pictures,"
"Oh shit... okay, if we act like friends right now the tabloids tomorrow will be crazy talking crap about you,"
"So we need to act like strangers? Everyone knows we dated!" I exclaim.
"Not like strangers but like if we were still a couple so when the pictures leak they'll think it's from other day when we were still together,"
"That's insane and it's not going to happen," I shake my head still in the same position.
"Whatever... They'll talk about you not me," he walks to a stand full of belts.
I make eye contact with the girl once again, she rolls her eyes and flips me off, she walks to me and stares at me all the time.
"You're disgusting, you go and ice skate with another man and then come back with Harry? I always knew you were with him for fame and this shows how much you-,"
"Hey," I hear Harry behind me. "Respect is not hard,"
The girl blushes, my hand looks for Harry's because I'm literally mortified and when I found it his left hand rests on my hips.
"I am so sorry," she shakes her head ashamed.
"I'll give you an autograph and a picture but please don't post those ones,"
"I won't post any pictures! I swear," she is trembling.
"I can take the picture," I offer myself.
She nods and gives me her phone, I take trillions of them so she can choose one and then Harry signs her phone case. She leaves the store quickly still so ashamed.
I look at Harry and smile.
"What?" He asks.
"How can you be nice to rude people?"
"I don't know," he shrugs, "probably I am used to that kind of people,"
"You always have nice people around, I never see you with grumpy people,"
"Then you haven't checked the mirror," he jokes.
I hit his arm and instantly realise I hit him so hard.
"You're so aggressive goddamn I'll tell your mommy,"
"Can you stop being so childish and look for a pair of shoes for Joe because we are probably so late?"

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