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"No silly, I mean they have the same eyes and hair."

Kaylee opens her eyes and I frown. Why does that surprise her? Then I notice she is actually looking at Harry and Liam behind us.

"Didn't him really..." Kaylee begins but doesn't finish.

"Did you see the tattoo? What does it say?" I ask her, anxious to finally know what it says.

"Uhm no," She is not looking at me, I bet Liam or Harry is telling her to do not tell me.

"Wait till I show it to everyone," Harry says and kisses my cheek laughing, Liam palms my head and teases me also.

They take the picture with the boy and run to the stage. We see the concert from two little TVs. I hadn't seen them before performing and wow they are really good, they sing even better live than recorded. I can't stop looking at Harry and his sexy movements while singing, Liam has an amazing voice and Zayn sings better than angels! The energy Niall has on stage and the way Louis really feels the lyrics of the songs is beautiful.

Not just because I love Harry, but I consider myself a huge fan of them.

Harry talks to the audience. "...And to show you guys how much I love you I decided to tattoo Brasil!" He shows his tight and yes, it says Brasil there. It's still stupid to tattoo a country but it's better than those things Liam was planning for him. I still don't know what the bet is but it must have been something too important to bet a tattoo.

We return to the hotel, not too many fans outside like before, maybe all of them were still leaving the stadium. I walk to my room after saying goodbye to everyone; I look in my four bags for my pyjamas and remember they are in the one that's in Harry's bedroom.

I walk barefoot and with a bun on the top of my head to his room to grab my bag. I knock and he opens immediately.

"I knew you were coming to stay," he jokes and laughs, he just doesn't dismiss the moment to flirt with me.

"I need my bag, smartass," I say and he walks in to grab it and then closes the door behind him, jumping like a bunny out of the room.

"You're not taking this yourself, it's too heavy." He adds and walks straight to my room.

I open the door and the first thing that the light bulb shines is my teddy bear, the first one he gave me. The toy has his necklace and hoodie on, I feel stupid and nervous when he jumps to my bed and grabs Edward.

"Are you kidding?" He laughs and looks at me.

"I needed something where to put your things on, so when you ask them-,"

"Liar! You have a mini me to sleep with you." He squints and laughs. "You are lovely!" He throws the toy to the air and I feel he is going to fall.

"If you ruin him I won't sleep anymore." I depend too much on this bear, without him I can't sleep.

"You will, you have me to sleep if this thing happens to be ruined." He raises his eyebrows in a flirty way and then twists on the bed, laughing like a child.

He juggles with him, making the necklace fly to the wall, falling to the floor, breaking into little pieces. "Oh shit," Harry whispers and runs to grab the necklace. "I am so sorry; I'll buy you another one." He apologises.

I glance askance at him and grab my teddy bear, walk to the bathroom with my pyjamas and put it on.

I hear how Harry is trying to fix it; it's funny how he tries to do it, knowing it's impossible. I'm not mad at all about the necklace, if it had happened to be Eddie I would be mad, but it's the necklace he gave to me once and if I don't have it anymore is his fault.

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