I call her and she says she will be here any minute, its better if we have this here. Even if I promise her we will have a nice dinner without interruptions, more than a half of my words it's a lie because we are in Los Angeles, roots of the paparazzi.

She opens slowly the door, I am sitting on the bed when I see her beautiful white dress coming in, it's short but cute, I am not jealous because we are alone here so there's no problem if she is even naked or not. Her hair ends up with little waves and she wears a crown made with her hair, shiny gray heels and the same amount of makeup she always wears.

"You are flawless," I stand up and walk to her.

"So are you." She entwines our fingers and I lead her to her seat, I move it back so she can sit down and then I walk to mine.

I call the waitress and she brings us our food, I chose a woman so any guy sees her right now but just me. We begin eating while just looking at each other and laughing with no reason at all.

We finish dinner, the first time we go in a date with no interruptions at all and this goal of my life is finally achieved.

"Now is my turn," she says and stands up, holds my hand and guides me to the balcony, the sky is grey and red, there's the sunset.

I hug her behind her back and she puts her arms on mine. "This is something I always wanted to do with my boyfriend, watch the sunset and then chose a star for us. Something corny but meaningful, I have a star with Danny. He told me once that you need to have a star with every single important person of your life, so we will have one since today." She explains. It's the cutest thing I've ever heard.

"Of course we will have one," I kiss her head.

We wait till the sky is completely dark, little starts being to show in the sky...

"That one," she points to the sky, it's a huge one and I am so sure it is a planet but I am not going to ruin the moment telling her it isn't what she thinks it is. Instead I hug her tightly.


Linda's POV.

"Everyone?" I ask. I can't believe it, it's too cute to know their whole families are attending to each concert here in the UK, it's completely lovely.

"Yes," Harry nods and the elevator opens.

"That's too cute." I walk out and grab my bag, Harry has the two others.

I open the door, it's weird to be back to my house, everything is just the way I left it that night when Kaylee and I decided to go to Coachella.

A long ago, like almost a month or so.

I go to my bedroom and leave my bags beside my bed. "This place brings me a lot of different memories," Harry sits on my bed.

"There we first kissed," I point where he is and sit beside him, he holds my face in his hands and places softly a little kiss on them. "And now." I smile and put mines on his.

My phone rings.

"Do not answer," he obliges and goes back to my lips again.

My phone rings again.

I ignore it and continue kissing him but when three messages make buzz my phone I pull him softly away and check it. Liam has been calling me all day and I just notice it, into the plane my phone was off.

"I need to call him back," I tell Harry.

We've talked the whole week. He has been struggling with his breakup, everything reminds him to his ex-girlfriend, he finds relief talking to me about her and I just want to support him, he's been too nice to me and I owe him this and more.

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