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"Let's just start with cardio then, I'm Mike Hubbard so nice to meet you... you are?" He stretches his hand to shake mine.

"I'm Linda," I smile and shake it.

"Harry's weakness," Niall adds and Harry hits him hard on his bare chest, leaving his skin red immediately, he is whiter than me and I really thought that was impossible and, ouch.

"Don't worry Harry, I already noticed it." Mike mocks and Harry blushes, along with me.

"I'll continue with-that-," he stammers and walks back to his weights.

The man shows me the treadmill machine and program it to work for half an hour, I begin walking and seeing how some girls outside are screaming and waving at me.

I wave them back and they scream louder, they are so lovely and cute. It must feel so good to have fans, I think it makes you want to be even more perfect than you are so that, you are an amazing example for others and your fans follow what you do in a good way. It's crazy as well, the variety of fans they have, whether too old or too young, boys and girls, and even dogs and cats barking and meowing outside the hotel.

"Here," Harry hands me his iPod. "There's still the playlist you made once, it's easier with music," he smiles and I thank him.

I open it and yeah, it's still there, but with some others more.

I put the earphones on and the music begins to play, it's sad how Foster The People and Pink Floyd are playing... something we used to listen when we went somewhere in the car or just when we stayed all the day at home.

Memories get to my head, everything we lived during each song pops into my head making my eyes wet, I just can't believe I even remember little things about us with these songs and it makes me meditate just one thing, if I do remember this is because even when we fought I liked it, because every fight that was with him I enjoyed it, every cuddle watching movies or TV, every time we cooked or just did weird comments are surrounding my brain and my legs are feeling weak is, because I love him.

How I miss all of that, I want it back but I just don't want to live that for a second time and then be heartbroken, again... I don't want to be happy again and then leave behind once more everything I enjoyed because something maybe he or I happen to do to tear us apart, over again.

When Miley's song plays I come back to reality, feeling how Louis touches my shoulder telling me it's already time to stop walking, because the machine stopped.

"Let's do cardio together, bestie," he says and I nod smiling.

We walk to the bikes and he helps me programming mine along with his.

"You okay?" He asks me and I nod. "You sure?" I nod again and he shrugs. "If you say so..."

"I really am serious, don't worry..." I put my hands in his, and he smiles.

Harry's POV.

Maybe she likes Louis or Liam, shit I'm not sure still who... maybe both?

I waited for her too much in the pool and then I was called to come to the training, I called her and she didn't answer so I just walked to her room and noticed she wasn't there... walked to mine and she wasn't there, either.

Mike is a nice dude but when he gets mad he really is scary, so I just decided to come here to avoid problems. When I returned, asking for permission to bring something to keep the hair off my face -'cause my hair is way too long now- I saw her talking to Liam and hugging him in front of her room, and when I came out with my hairband on my hand, she was talking to Louis and laughing because of something he said. Totally ignoring my presence, I know I hid but...

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