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61 days without his beloved.

Harry's POV.

"Yeah... he's alright," I hear Gemma speaking outside my bedroom.
"I don't think it's a good idea mom, she's still her mom,"
I wake up, not anxious at all of this day or probably another soon. This has been the saddest but happiest month of my entire life, I really love touring and spending time with the lads and the fans but, I'm indeed missing Linda. I just can't forget about her. Now that the tour is over I don't know what I am going to do with my life, I'm planning going to Los Angeles where my friends are or probably just staying here at home like Zayn does.
I don't find something were to focus on my life and I'm feeling worse than before, I shouldn't have taken her there because it's obvious she felt like I was using her and I didn't care about our dead cat, I understand her completely. Is not the first time I'm such an idiot but it's the first time I regret this much being a moron, it made me tear myself apart from her even more that we were before and knowing we are in the same city, neighbourhood and country gives me anxiety.
"I want to go out with her, she's my friend," my mom says.
"We'll do whatever you want but just don't let Harry know you are going out with her ex and mom today," Gemma whines.
My mom is going to see Linda and her mother today?
I hear footsteps near my door, then I hear the door being shut and my mom coughs.
This means: Gemma just left and my mother is coming to check on me.
She opens the door and I cover quickly with the sheets pretending I'm asleep; she sits beside me and caresses my head.
"Baby I know you're awake, you can't stay in bed forever,"
I open my eyes and look at her in the eyes; she smiles and kisses my forehead.
"You need to move on, we all love Linda and I miss her too but not everything ends up as we plan it to and you can't just leave something destroy you this way. You haven't left bed for two weeks,"
"I've gone to the gym twice,"
"Twice! In fourteen days."
"I'm going to Ed's concert today,"
My mom stops caressing me, she swallows and then smiles. I don't even know why she did that but I'm not in the mood to ask her.
"I'm going out in three hours," she says and I understand why she acted that way seconds ago.
I cover my cold shoulder with the sheets again.
"Harry, I'm-,"
"I heard you,"
"Do you want to come with us? We are going to the theatre,"
"Are you serious?" I roll my eyes, "She doesn't want to see me, she told Liam to keep me away from her forever."
"How do you know that? Liam told you that?"
"No," I shrug, "but it's obvious because when I tried calling her she just ignored me or Liam took my phone to leave her alone."
"You can't rush things and I already told you, you can be friends and maybe if you come with us you guys will see each other like those kids who meet when their parents are hanging out,"
"No," I state.
"Okay... if you need something I'll be in the kitchen and I'll let you know when I'm gone,"
"OK." I reply and turn my back to continue sleeping.
I feel I've gained weight, I haven't eaten so much but when I'm alone I take garbage from the kitchen and eat like a bear.

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