Song of the chapter: Marry Me, Jason Derulo.


"Lin!" Jacob hugs me after leaving the cake in a shelf.

"Hello." Joe kisses my cheek and then Harry, with his sicky hoarse voice speaks.

"Good afternoon, you both." He drapes my shoulders with his arm and I glance askance at him, I know what he is trying to do.

"Same Harry," Joe smiles.

We organise in the dining room something little but special for my mom, with this I see how Joe is trying to make her the happiest woman today and, always. I feel bad for him and I can't look at him directly in the eyes after knowing what my mom did. He is wonderful, the dreamed man every woman wants in her life.

"Are you okay?" Harry asks me, my head is hurting and I think it's because of stress.

"Yes," I smile to give him comfort. "Go and put on a sweatshirt and cover your head if you want to make it to the concert." I warn him.

"Yes ma'am." He laughs and runs to his room.

"Linda, do you really think your mom will love this present?" Joe shows me a ring, if it's an engagement ring I'm done and I will cry here, right now, I'm not lying, dammit.

"It's beautiful." I falter, he tilts his head.

"Do you really think she will accept?" he asks skeptic.

Yes it is. I do not really know what to say, I know my mom will truly accept marrying him because I know how much she loves him but after he knows what happened yesterday, I don't really know what he will do with this proposal.

"She loves you more than anyone else," I place my hand on his shoulder and then hug him, my eyes watered, I love this man so much and I don't want him heartbroken. I am so emotional, it's not my period but I know it's near so maybe that's the reason I am reacting this way too.

"You alright?" Jacob touches my back and rubs it.

"I just-I am so happy, for Joe and my mom." I splutter half a lie; I'm happy for them but sad because maybe they'll be over soon.

I hear Harry clearing his throat behind us.

Harry's POV.

She's just not okay. There's something going on, I don't really know what did her mother, father and she talked about yesterday but I swore they were better than never before. Something happened with that necklace, it means something and I don't know what it is but makes her cry and feel depressed for some reason.

It is my right and my responsibility to make her happy, to calm her down and to rub her back not stupid Jacob. I feel so secluded when he is present.

"Baby," I run to her and she jumps in my arms, crying harder than before.

I scowl and both of the men shrug, they don't know what's happening and it worries me even more.

"Oh, my God." She whispers and runs to the bathroom, I go behind and hear her. She is so sick; I can tell by the way she is vomiting.

"Can I come in?" I knock the door and hear her sobbing harder. I'm not knocking again I am entering right now. She is sitting in front of the toilet, her knees on her chest while she cries harder and harder.

"Fuck it's my fault, are you feeling so bad? Do you want me to talk to Johnson?" I rub her cheek and wipe her tears.

"No, no it isn't. I am just," she sobs. "Not sick... let me clean me and wait me outside, I need to tell you something." She instructs and I feel a stab in my heart, did her parents yesterday tell her she can't be with me and today everything's over?

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