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I really feel sad about this whole thing, I don't really think soft and nice Niall is capable to cheat on Kaylee... it just can't come in my head and I don't really think that's happening, maybe that girl is behind him and trying to go after him because he is not just that ugly, he is hot and so cute with everyone, he's lovely and a lot of girls would love to be with him.

"Did you see if he replied the messages?" I ask her, I need to know the details to make her feel better, to give her hope.

"Yeah, he wrote simple and short sentences without Emojis," she explains and I nod.

"Well... maybe she is just running after him Kay, with the little I know Niall I know that he is just not capable to do so,"

"You really think?" she asks me and I nod. "Maybe that's right,"

"That's more than true." I say and she smiles, wipes her tears and calls the waitress and orders a big chocolate cake because she wants to eat her pains right now and think positive. "You need to ask Niall about it though," I speak finishing the piece of cake from my mouth.

"Time to go back to work," Carter whispers in my ear and I throw the fork to the plate scared. He laughs hard and I see Kaylee giggling lowly.

"Time to go Kay is getting late!" I stand up so Kaylee does and we walk to my car without even looking at Carter, I promised Harry and myself that anything related to him is back in our lives and it's something I'm really not breaking.

"You left me here and now you're not taking me back?" Carter asks.

"First off, you got in my car without even asking and second off, you're old enough to get your ass back to the office." I reply and Kaylee laughs hard.

This guy really pisses me off, he is so pushy and doesn't get that I will never forgive what he did to me because it is something so wrong. He thinks that I will really believe he likes me and that he "fell in love with me" when that's pure fake and he is just saying it for... I don't really know what he wants now but he is just lying.

"Sassy," he smirks and laughs. I can tell him to fuck off but he still laughs, this is why he is so pushy and stressful, he takes my anger as a joke.

"Get in, but in the back seat." I roll my eyes and he literally jumps inside.

Kaylee sits in the passenger seat and we talk about brands and that we need to go shopping soon.

I leave Kaylee back in her college and drive to the enterprise without saying a single word to him; I hate him and don't like him at all... I don't even know why I left him get in the car but I just needed to drive quickly or I will be late and I hate being late, it's so irresponsible.

We step into the elevator together.

"What floor?" He asks.

"Third please," I smile at the man and after getting into the floor I go to my desk and start looking in every website about Ed, his music, his personal life and some other things to ask him tomorrow. I text Harry all the day, he tells me about how those fans are so crazy like the Brazilians and that he was in the hotel all the day talking to Lou because it was stupid to go outside without me. He helps me picking up questions for Ed till he needs to leave to the concert and I need to go to my house.

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