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"Nope," he leaves his phone on the nightstand and kisses my lips; I've never felt so empty after a kiss before.

Something is clearly wrong...

"Are we eating right now?" He asks and I nod; now I'm the one who isn't talking.

I touch my lips with my hand, savoring the kiss which I didn't feel this time but there's still nothing, not even that spark in the pit of my stomach that isn't gastritis but love.

He tugs the box closer and hands me a slice, takes his and goes back to his phone while eating. I bite a little and feel completely full so I leave it in the box again.

"You were dying to eat pizza," Harry speaks with his mouth full of tomatoes.

"I'm not even hungry," I say.

He raises his eyebrows and places his slice in the box.

"You're mad because I've been busy today then," he speaks actually so annoyed.

I roll my eyes and try to focus on Friends, I am not even arguing with him about this when he starts acting like I'm overreacting when I am not, I am just reacting the way some girlfriend would feel in her anniversary when her boyfriend ignores her at all. He could've declined the call, he could've cancelled the match when he noticed it wasn't with kids and he could've dropped Liam's call because it's our day... he just can close Twitter and pay me attention at least the eight hours left of this day.

"Lin," he holds my hand and turns my face to look at him, "you know I love you and I thought what I told you this morning was enough for you to believe me,"

"I've never said you don't love me... I just wanted to have a great time with you, is not just the anniversary but the fact that we will be apart for three or four months and you are wasting time on Twitter,"

"I just have a lot in my head, sorry," he apologizes.

"You know that you can tell me whatever you need..." I assure him and he nods.

"Thanks baby," he kisses my cheek.

I haven't really sleep, I don't know if it's so hot, if I am so tired that I can't or if I am not feeling good inside. Finishing the day watching TV wasn't what I was hoping for, or maybe I did but curled with him while I draw circles on his chest and Harry caresses my hair or back like he does with his thumb... I've just stayed in the same position for five hours and my first slice of pizza is still in the box.

I move closer to him laying my head on his chest, he moves his arm involuntarily over me, hugging me asleep.

I try to sleep, I feel my eyes heavy but I really can't now that when I close them they burn, yeah I'm so tired then.


I open my eyes and Harry isn't beside me, I feel the bed so cold so it means he hasn't been by my side for a long time. I rub my eyes and look for something to check the time.


I yawn and place both feet on the cold floor, which feels good now that this city is so hot and I've literally beads of sweats rolling down my chest.

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