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"What you have planned for today Ms?" I ask petting her hair.

"I have to go to the flat you don't want me to buy because I already have an appointment with the owner,"

"Aren't you really considering renting it?" I frown, kissing her lips.

"Harry," she lifts a little her head a little so I outstretch my arm behind her head before she can rest it again. "I'm actually going to buy it," she snaps.


Linda's POV.

I know he wasn't going to like the idea but let's be honest, it is situated in an amazing place with a little market near and a pharmacy and a pet shop. It is big enough for me and according to the place where it is, is so cheap. I want to have something on my own, my car wasn't bought with my money and anything in this house is mine.

I want to buy my furniture, my cutlery, my bed, my LED and just fill a place with things that are mines.

"So you like it?" Mr. McHale asks us.

"I really do," I nod.

White tile in the kitchen and bathrooms. It has two rooms and I can use one as the study room. The living room has enough space for two couches or small sofas and a tea table and the dining room which is in the kitchen is wonderful, all of them have cherry wood floor.

A kitchen like I always dreamed about, with a black island in the middle and the rest of the drawers white.

The bedroom is big, is just like Harry's with a room inside as a closet and dressing room.

I am really in love with the place and the quantity of money it costs. I haven't spent all my pay since December from Fabulous but saved it and I have enough to buy this and buy some furniture too.

"And you?" He asks Harry.

"This place isn't for us really," Harry starts talking... what?

"Is for a friend and from what we've seen we really like it... the price is so low to be in Central London..."

He is ruining it, if he continues saying bullshit this man is going to make it expensive and I won't have the money to buy it.

"Can we please know why is this apartment with that cost differing from the one in front which costs half part more than this one?"

And then I get it. How does he know though the one in front costs more? I thought he had never been here...

The man shocks by the question and rubs his hands together, I hold Harry's hand tighter and he caresses my knuckles... telling me this will be fine.

"The previous keeper didn't pay taxes so it has a lot of them," he responds.

Dang it. I really liked this place but now knowing more than double from the price hasn't been paid in taxes I can't really afford it now.

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