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Song of the chapter: Don't Stop, Foster The People


"Don't worry, you can continue doing what you were doing in the bathroom... taking a shower," Harry says.

"We were just helping to make it quick," I add and laugh.

I swear I had never heard Kaylee swearing this much and either Niall, after telling us almost of what we were going to die, they run to the bathroom and take a shower together.

"We deserve an award." Harry sits on the couch.


"For controlling us and not doing dirty things in front of others like them, damn." He shakes his head and laughs, sitting beside me and grabbing chocolates from the table. "You'll have an overweight girlfriend tomorrow," I say putting into my mouth four chocolates.

"I'll love you even if you had three eyes." He leans to kiss me but I take his face with my hands, I still am chewing the chocolates from my mouth.

"You have three eyes and I love you," I mock.

"Don't make jokes of my acne or you'll pay for it," He presses firmly his lips against mine and I moan after his action, he kisses me slowly and leans my back against the couch. "I don't want an award anymore." He snaps and disconnects his lips from mine to go to my neck and leave soft kisses till my breast.

"But I do." I say and he smirks, he stands up and stretches his hand for me to hold it, which I do.

We go to my room and Harry turns off the lights and lies next to me, hugging my waist and entangling his legs with mines.

"Goodnight love," I whisper and he kisses me softly.

"Same." He responds.


"Harry, we will be late, mate!" Niall shouts.

"I'm almost done..." He replies. He's been almost done for half an hour.

Finally he leaves my room, he's wearing sporty shorts, a white shirt and sneakers. He looks really hot.

"I was talking to my dad, sorry..." He apologizes and walks to us.

"So we made this huge breakfast for our best players of all!" Kaylee says and kisses Niall.

"Thanks." Harry smiles and sits beside me.

We eat everything, every day I am improving my cooking skills and I know it now that I made waffles and they really taste delicious.

We get in my car, it's fabulous to drive it and I really love it. I haven't really driven it because I haven't been here and I will use it the time I can. In just a month I will be back to my normal life, I will leave the tour and go back to my studies. I don't really want to do it but I need to, I can't just stop my life for this. I know now that we will last more than before, that maybe this will be a long relationship but I need to do something for myself, I need to finish at least college.

"Guess who's attending to the match." Harry breaks the silence, talking to me.

"Uhm... Gemma? Your Mom?" I am not driving, Niall wanted to do it and I really like him and he likes my car, so I let him do so.

"No," he shakes his head and I shrug. "My dad, you'll meet him today!" He smiles and hugs me.

I don't know why but I feel something weird in my stomach, I am nervous of finally meeting his dad after almost six months, I am just as scared as meeting Anne the first time. I don't even know how he looks like, if he is a serious man or a funny one.

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