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I hate fights because I love him so much, I don't really know what to do because my feelings are mixed and I'm not sure if it's the alcohol and weed or just my heart that is moving up and down like a seesaw.

"I'll stay then," he whispers and leans next to me, I hug his waist and put my leg on his so he can't go during the night.


The door is closed, I'm on the bed of the first floor and Harry isn't with me. I don't remember too good what happened yesterday, I just know he was here hours ago.

I walk to the door and hear Harry screaming to someone, I thought it was through his phone till I opened a little the door and saw my dad there.

"You're shit; she doesn't deserve your love. Do you really know how much she suffered because you didn't want to show your ass after years?" Harry is nerveless with my dad. "Tell her anything you want, tear us away if you want so but don't come close to her. You just want children to give you money so you can take your fucking ass to another hoe's house isn't it?"

"That's why children are made for," He states.

What? I gawk and I meet Harry's eyes, just voiceless from what I just heard.

"Son of bitch!" Harry screams.

I see how my dad's fist raises up to hit Harry, I run to the living room.

"Do not touch him, Damon!" I scream and stand in front of my boyfriend.

I am so stupid, I feel so stupid and Harry was always right. My dad is just a demon, I hate him so much. Harry was telling me the truth and my dad is the worst person ever. All those years defending him and now I see he is just like my mom said; he doesn't love me or any of his children.

"Linda," my dad stretches his hand to caress me but I jerk away.

"Don't fucking touch me!" I scream to that man in front of me. "How could you?" I try to give a step towards him but Harry clenches softly my arms so I can't move. I cry, I cry everything out, all those years out regretting about everything I've done for this man. I was right when I started hating him so much, I was right when I convinced myself that any man was going to love me, no one was going to be here for me as a father.

"Listen, go away or I'll call the cops for hindrance," Harry warns Damon calmly.

"I just want to talk to my daughter,"

"No fuck off! I'm not your daughter. How could you? Go away, go away!" I scream louder, anger filling my body; I just want to kill him right now.

"Linda, listen to me..." He tries to touch me but Harry pulls me to his back.

"Get your ass out of my place right now," Harry obliges and finally he gives up and walks to the door.

Just when it is closed Harry turns around and I hug him the tighter I can, crying a river on his shirt while he pets my hair and caresses my back, kissing my head and hushing me.

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