"You should go and take a shower... rest at least five hours," Niall shakes me a little, I am awake but my eyes are closing little by little.

My boyfriend doesn't come to save me but a call does instead, Niall takes out his phone and Louis is calling him... he smiles at me and then answers.
Niall's eyes fill with tears after saying hi, it's obvious Louis asked him what's going on and he feels guilty and sad again...
I take advantage of the moment and decide to call Harry, he doesn't answer any of the three times I try to contact him so I decide to send him a message.

*where are you? It's so sad and disrespectful that you're gone without saying goodbye or at least explaining. Remember my best friend is being operated and your best mate and I are here waiting to hear good news.*

And I don't send it; I just delete it as fast as I wrote it.
I'm not even going to fight about this; if he's gone then I don't really mind about it, I am here for Kaylee not for him. If he decided to go then it shows how other things are more important for him than Niall and me.

"Lin," I recognize Niall's voice, he shakes me a bit so I raise my head from his shoulder.
"The surgery is over; she's in the room in this moment..." He whispers.
"Can we go and visit her?" I ask excited, sitting straight and waiting for an answer.
"She's still sleeping, you should go home and take a shower... then sleep at least five hours and come back," he suggests.
"I don't have keys and Harry's lost," I explain. "I'm not leaving you here all by yourself either,"
"He texted me saying he's still here, he's in the cafeteria, just go after him."
I look at my phone screen; he didn't call me back but Niall in lieu of me.
"I don't need a shower and I'm not sleepy," I shake my head, supporting my statement.
"What will Kaylee say if she sees you this tired and dressed with today's clothes tomorrow?"
"She'll scream," I grin, just thinking of her expression. "Just for her I'll go and take a shower and come back... if you need me just call me, okay?" I stand on my feet.
"Sure thing," he smiles and waves me goodbye.

It's 8 p.m. and I'll go take a shower and come back, I'm such a normal person, I just want to be here tomorrow when she wakes up so I can go and visit her. As the doctor said, the easier part was the surgery; the recovery is what cares the most now.
I walk to the cafeteria -not so sure if I want to talk to Harry- for staying here so long, not answering my calls and ignoring me but texting Niall my questions instead. I see him phoning someone, before I walk to him he walks to the door while looking down at his feet.
"Stop it Paige," he whispers but I'm able to hear.
I hide behind a wall, eavesdropping on the conversation with her.
"Why do you want to ruin her? We didn't even date at the end," he stops for a little, maybe she's shouting, "it was just a fucking adventure with kisses! I never told you I was leaving you for her, you know so good I've always been into Linda,"
"but I don't know if I'm still, okay?" He continues.

He doesn't love me.

And there is when I start feeling stupid, of course that's why he changed so dramatically because he doesn't love me anymore and maybe he is just with me for having a girlfriend or maybe for pity, knowing I'm really alone in London because my best friend moved here and now she's in a hospital because of an accident, maybe because of my dad or maybe because I don't live with my mom, because my brother was in another country and I felt lonely.

"Linda," he sighs looking at me, I don't know if I'm crying because I'm hurt or because I'm upset.
He just can't do this; he always comes and makes me suffer in the worse parts of my life. Last time I was going to be operated and this time my best friend is in a critical condition.
I just stare at him not saying a word. He's been talking to her since his tour started, we are back together two weeks after his tour started so it means he's been confused about me since the first time and probably the only one in love in this relationship is me.
"Did something happen to Kay?" He stretches his hand to rub my cheek but I jerk abruptly away.
"Like if you cared!" I scream not caring if it's a hospital and there's sick people in here.
"Fuck," he whispers and rubs his hair, "let me explain to you please..."
"What are you going to explain? That you were with us both all this freaking time? Was I the lover or she was?" I ask, "I don't even want to know..." I turn around and start walking out of the hospital.
I hear him running behind me so I walk faster, when I get to the elevator I make the impossible to close the doors quickly so he can't get in... when there's just an inch from its closing he runs inside and presses all the buttons from level 10 to 1.
"You're so fucking childish!" I raise my voice still crying.
"I was going to tell you, you need to listen to me," he walks closer to me so I push him hastily away.
Eight level.
He stumbles, I'm not that strong to really make him fall.
"Was that what Paige tried to tell me? She's not a bitch you are the fucking bitch who messed with my feelings and tried to act so nice so I fell hard in love with you and then without even caring tearing me apart into a trash bin like if I was a plastic bag," I sob.
His eyes finally fill with tears, he's finally feeling guilty after this.
"You know that ain't true," he shakes his head, pouring down his tears.
"Anything about us is true," I wipe my tears.
Sixth floor.
"Do you think that?"
"I thought we were so true that maybe I would marry you some day but after this I've just lived in a fake world beside you,"
"Fuck Linda why do you exaggerate everything too much!" He screams stressed.
"Oh sorry for making a big deal for knowing my boyfriend doesn't love me!" I raise my hands.
"I fucking love you! You don't even know what we were talking about,"
"Oh yeah... you guys were talking about Snuggles then? Sorry for breaking up your feelings but he's a male,"
"I hate it when you act like this,"
"How, hurt? Do you hate me acting this way because I'm hurt? Then why do you hurt me?"
First floor.
Just when the door opens I jump out, I turn around and see him standing right there looking at me not even blinking.
That man in the elevator, the one I would give my life for doesn't love me and I don't even get why he still stayed with me.
The door closes and he stays inside, I walk to the street and see a lot of One Direction fans outside with posters supporting Kaylee, I ignore them all and take the first cab I see and go somewhere I never thought I was planning visiting anytime soon.
I give the address, my phone buzzes and just when I look the screen I see Paige's name on it.
It reads.
I roll my eyes and start crying harder.
"Do you need a tissue Ms.?" The driver asks me.
"Please," I nod and he smiles handing me one.
We get to Williams' property, I pay and walk straight to the door. I really hope maybe Kate is here so I don't stay here all alone by myself with my grandmother who obviously doesn't remember me.
I knock, ring the bell just as much as I can and when anyone opens the door I get there's no life in here right now.
What will I do? I can't go to Harry's house because it's his house and I've gotten no keys, I can't go to the hospital because he is there and I don't feel like arguing near my best friend, what she needs the most is peace.
I just have one more person here.

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