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Two months earlier...

I don't really know how many times I have climbed in this elevator today, when she deserted her flat there were just a couple of boxes but after everything she bought to arrange the whole apartment is just a lot of stuff now, I'm so proud she bought this all by herself and she is doing everything to make it even better.

From my car to the flat, from her car to the flat; that's the whole schedule for today and I don't complain for helping my girlfriend moving out but there are just two reasons why I don't love this idea.

First off, Carter lives just in front of her and second off, Paige has a place here and I just pray she doesn't make an appearance around here today or anytime soon. She lives in NYC though, I don't even know why she asked this place here...

"We already finished," Niall apprises me.

"Liam is about to get here, Sophia called me while he was driving, they're bringing lunch." I say and he nods.

"I'm so hungry this was such a long and tiring work," he laughs, as do I.

"Oh gosh, I left my phone in my car..." Linda leaves my legs, taking away the warmth of her touch along with her.

She opens the door and leaves the flat without closing completely the door.

"There are lots of fans down here..." Kaylee says, looking down through the window.

"Jesus, Linda can be out there alone then," I stand on my feet and walk straight to the door.

I see Paige frowning and talking to my girlfriend, Linda nods.

"Are you Carter Belassai's girlfriend?" Linda inquires her; before she can reply I let my mouth speak out words.


"Harry," she bites her lip and walks to me, leans and kisses my cheek before I can jerk away from her touch.

Why is she even here? I texted her last week that she just couldn't appear here soon because Linda was living here and I didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable knowing I bought Paige's flat here so she stayed away after I almost committed a real mistake...

"You've really changed," I look at her hair and now she wears a lot more makeup than three months ago, we haven't seen each other but just chat.

"You've changed too... new hair and style," she looks up and down at me and then bites her lip again.

"Do you remember this?" she moves her finger in the air and then her jacket, I can't believe she still has these items and the worst is that I can't believe she really came here on purpose with all of these... yes, I made the right decision because she's still a bitch.

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