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It is a rectangle modern sofa, the whole set has a black tea table and two brown couches with the same style.

"Today it's actually 20% off," she woman attending us says.

We walk where the set is, I sit on each thing and they're really comfortable. The tea table is spectacular too.

She pays for it, they'll carry everything to her flat in two days. The European tour is already over and we have almost three free weeks before starting the American one which last till October. This next one will be the toughest, three months away from home and away from her.

I hug her waist while we leave quickly the shop and get in the next one, it's Samsung.

"I want a huge one for my bedroom and a little one for the living room," she explains and I nod.

We saunter all over the place looking for a man to attend us and I see her "ex-boyfriend" in front of us with an old woman... his grandma?

"Ethan!" Linda exclaims and runs to hug him.

I just roll my eyes and walk to them. I apologised with him and ended up in good terms but I still don't feel like liking this lad. He was the one who tore us apart for a month because he decided to flirt with her and hook her up as his girlfriend.

"What you doing here?" Linda inquires him, breaking up my thoughts.

"Yeah, what?" I reiterate but they both ignore me.

"Helping my grandma buying her first big TV," he explains.

"That's so cute!" She exclaims, the old woman smiles and pats Ethan's arm now that he is taller than her and she doesn't reach his shoulder.

"So very cute," I comment and they look at me confused, I just grin and they laugh.

"We need to hang out soon," Linda says.

I clear my throat and wrap her shoulders.

"Yeah, we should." I speak.

They both look at me and even the woman laughs along with them.

"Well we need to go, I'll call you," Ethan kisses her cheek.

"Okay, good luck," she smiles.

"Bye man," he says to me and I nod.

They walk away and Linda looks at me serious but then bursts into laughter.

"You're so funny," she shakes her head giggling and walks to check some TVs in the back.

I run behind her and see how a girl is taking pictures of us, I turn around so my back blocks us both from the camera.

"Why?" I ask.

"You took him to my birthday so we could be friends and now you hate him again? Hilarious," she laughs again and walks to a worker.

She asks him the price and while he goes to the cashier to check it I stand in front of her and put my sunglasses on, these girls are taking a lot and I just don't want to act on my nerves but I feel like having to tell them something if they continue this way.

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