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"I'm not asking her that, is your fault and we all warned you a long ago this would happen someday," Niall shakes his head, looking at his lock screen which is a selfie with Kaylee.

"I know but I didn't expect it to be this way, for her to know about it without an explanation,"
"You know this is a tough time for her and for me and is starting to be a thing you do that every time she's walking through a rough path something in your relationship happens," Niall finishes and walks away, just when the nurse assures he can enter and see her.
Yes I know I'm a dick, I know I really did wrong four months ago telling all of that to Paige and then making her my girlfriend again but I was just so lost and I really needed someone, I thought it was Paige and then when Linda came back to my life I really couldn't choose which one of them was the one.
Paige was nice and she showed me she changed but at the same time Linda just flew to Brazil for me and there was when I realized she is the one, that she is capable of doing anything just to be with me even if we are not in the best terms. She's had a hard life and all I've caused her is pain, lately we haven't been a normal couple with little fights but almost a marriage where they argue for nothing and I don't really want her to suffer thanks to my bullshit.
I love her so much and I already made up my mind, I know what I am going to do for her to have the love life she deserves to have, so she can live happily ever after. Just like the fairytale she never had and I'm avoiding her to reach.
I'm serious, my decision is completely made.

I just can't believe what I just did.
I cheated, maybe I'm so angry and he's a moron but we haven't broken up officially and I jumped into Carter's lips and kissed him trying to test if I like him or not.
"I'm freaking sorry," I shake my head and pull myself away.
"Why are you sorry?" He asks, cupping my chin and leaning to kiss me again but I move my head to a side so he gives me the peck on my cheek.
"You know I don't feel this way about you and it was an impulse," I move to the left, placing my feet back on the floor and my lips miles away from his.
"You're such a nice guy and I really like you as a friend..." I nod.
"I'm fucking done!" He stands up and screams. "Since the first day he was a bitch to you I was beside you, then when you split up I was beside you, during your tough period I was supporting you and now that you are so bad you just kiss me giving me hope and then you tear me apart?"
"My heart isn't made of the same as yours, you act like a celeb or an important person believing everyone wants to be you and with you when actually I'm the only one who saw the real you and maybe I was so blind,"
And I'm crying again, not because he's rude but because half of what he's said is right and I'm feeling a really stupid girl right now. I need to leave this place, I need to escape somewhere I can be alone but I want to go to the hospital and know if my best friend is alright not having to call Niall and listening to Harry's voice just when I don't need to hear it.
But I receive a message from Niall that reads: *get here immediately, wherever you are Kay needs you... I do too.*
"I'm really sorry," I pat his shoulder and shake my head while running to the door and getting out of the hotel as fast as I can.
I am not wearing flats or pumps but Keds so it's so easy to run trying to look for a taxi to take me to the hospital.
There's no any cab near and its starting to rain so I just can think one thing... taking a bus, I try looking for one to take me even a little close but I don't know this city and it has changed and when I lived here I didn't even know where my house was, obviously I didn't know where the hospital was too.
I decide to call Niall to know what's going on.
He doesn't answer but Harry does, I hear him sobbing and my heart skips a beat. Not just because Harry is crying and because he picked Niall's phone but because these two things mean something really bad.
"Is she okay?" I ask, getting on my nerves with the drops falling on my face.
"Where are you?" He asks, he sounds like sick so he's been crying for more than half an hour.
"How's Kaylee?" I reiterate.
"I'll bring you here, don't move," he says and hang up.
I don't even know how he knows where I am or how to get here but I'll just wait here. I run under the bus station completely wet, i look at the sky that's darker than ever before and see a star shining right there so I remember when I felt cheesy and decided to choose a star for us both, then I see the one I have with Kay too; both of them brighting up there. I feel someone touching my back and think it's Harry who got here walking but it is Carter.
"Sorry for treating you that way," he says, carrying an umbrella on his shoulder.
"I know I am a bitch and I know you feel like I'm using you... I really am sorry for everything I've done to you, I'm sorry I kissed you and made you feel different..."
"I understand your feelings for Styles, I know how you feel about him and how much you'll do for him but please just remember I'll do the same you do for you. Just think about it Linda, think if he gives up everything like you do for him and I do for you,"
He kisses my lips lightly and runs into the hotel again. I am literally speechless knowing that Carter is really a nice guy and what's he said is partly true, I touch my lips trying to feel again the kiss but nothing, I don't really feel the kiss as the kisses with Harry, not even like the pecks we once had... truly not a single feeling.
A black truck parks in front of me and for a couple seconds it stays there with the windows closed while I try to figure out who's in there. The back door is opened and Harry jumps out with an umbrella, he runs to me and wraps his arm around my waist guiding me quickly into the vehicle.
I jump in and he follows my movements beside me. I don't really want to look him in the eyes because I'm sad and mad and worried about Kaylee all in one.
But I do, I turn my head to a side and eye him.
"She had a pre infarction," he explains, his eyes both swollen and red just like mines.
"Oh, my God," I whisper and cover my mouth trying not to cry but I explode imagining my life without Kaylee, how sad it is going to be and how I really can't lose today two of the most important people for me.
I hug him, I don't care how much I hate him I know I need him a lot and I need to feel his touch or I will be capable of jumping off the car and killing myself, I can't think and believe my best friend is in this situation. She can't be alone or in a place for so long, this is the first time she's being quite and frozen in her entire life.
"She will be hospitalized for more time till she wakes up,"
"What do you mean?" I ask while he pets my hair.
"She hasn't woken up and she was supposed half an hour ago... maybe that's normal but after what happened they want to make sure she's okay."
"She's okay, this is just a nightmare and anything that's happened today is just fake," I whisper but I know he is listening to me, his hand stops from moving and I realize he is feeling weird so I move away and straddle, covering my face with my hands so I can cry in peace.
And then Harry starts rubbing my back, his hand moves up and down in slow motion like if he was on purpose trying to cause me shivers.
"To make it better to you," he begins, "I swear I didn't cheat, I was just stupidly confused about you and Paige but then I realized that same week I love you so much and Paige used it against me. I was so scared she could tell you something to tear us apart that I tried so hard to make her happy so she didn't have the opportunity to destroy me. That's why I did all of that, because I love you and I don't want to lose you."
He speaks, and I believe him because I know how sincere he is and if he does something wrong he accepts it even if it hurts him. If he had cheated Carter would've told me because he hates him and now talking about Carter I realize that the one who just cheated is me.
I kissed Carter without having broken up with Harry, I wasn't drunk or high but I just did it and I knew I was going to regret, not this quick though.
"And I won't lose you, I did once and I won't repeat that again... I was wrong when I lied to you but-,"
"I'm sorry Harry but right now I just can't think about this but in Kaylee," I look at him, I am being serious but in part I am feeling so guilty that I don't want to hear him saying cute things.
"Sorry, you're right," he smiles and I hug him again, I really need his hug before we get to the hospital and I get to see my best friend almost in comma. I know she's that way, I know she's maybe a vegetal but he hasn't had the balls to tell me.
We get to the hospital, I get more anxiety when I see paparazzi waiting outside the urgency room like if this was something good to make a documentary. Harry wraps his arm around my waist and I drag his jacket against me so I don't punch someone who's screaming rant about Kaylee.
I run fast inside and feel safe when the door closes and police tries to push them away, they're making a lot of noise and here sick people are waiting patiently to be attended and they just need to relax.
We run, well I run and Harry follows me, to the floor where Kaylee is and the first thing I see is Niall crying against Kay's mother shoulder. A worst scene than the first one, I just can't believe I left this place to go cry and kiss a guy while my best friend was here having a little heart attack, I'm a bitch.
"How's she?" We get closer to Niall, Harry's hand never leaving my back and as much as I want to get rid of him I know I need him so much so I really can't.
And Niall raises his head, he is literally smiling so big and Kay's mom smiles bigger.
"She started having vital signals minutes ago, they thought she had entered to comma but she didn't," Kay's mom explains. "I'll call Matt and my husband," she walks away.
And I feel relief, I sigh and hug Niall so tight that he whines so we both laugh.
"I really needed one of your breathless hugs," Niall mocks.
"And I needed to see you smile," I add and he smiles so big, showing all of his teeth. "That's it," I giggle.
"Can we visit her?" Harry questions, he haven't seen her since we got here and after all, she's her friend like I am friends with Niall so it's important for him.
"Not yet, in an hour or so..." Niall answers.
I should have listened to Harry before running away, I should have stayed so I didn't go looking for problems and I should have listened to him before cheating on him probably because I was hurt.
And now I regret, the problem would be solved and I would be in his arms waiting for news about my bff.
No Linda, you had to screw up everything and fill your head with crap others said to you and decided to believe more in Carter -Paige's best friend who happens to like me- instead of Harry. One thing he really got wrong was not telling me about it, not telling me he was confused instead of letting me think a lot of stuff against me and him, too.
If he was confused was because of some reason, and I can't say I didn't feel different for some time, where we going somewhere wrong? Maybe going forward but in the mistaken direction?

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