After 3 years of not touching this book I decided 2 things:
1. It needs to have writing editions because my main language is not English and when I started the book I wasn't as fluent as I am today.
2. I decided to write A THIRD BOOK. Okay no, I had taken that decision before already AND I already have some chapters made.
3. I am in the making of new brand covers for the entire series.

All of these it's because I've noticed that through the year Beloved that obtained more reads (views, however you call it) than it has in almost 4 years. I feel like this story is not finished, both Harry and Linda's love story was just starting...
I would really like to know your thoughts about all of this, what you expect to happen, what do you think about the characters, about me (lol), etc.

I love you all and again, thank you for all the support!

PD (REALLY IMPORTANT): not everyone knows but there's a second and third part of this book you guys!!!!! Just get into my account and there you will see it!

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