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"Li," I hear my name. I nod and drive my hand up feeling his hair brushing my fingers.

I feel a kiss on my arm and hear him laughing when I groan but I don't feel like opening my eyes I am exhausted.

"Baby girl," he sings that sexy harsh morning voice makes me smile and finally open my eyes.

He is staring at me, I drive my lips to his and kiss them lightly.

"Good morning baby boy," I whisper laughing, so does he.

He kisses my nose, I lift my head a little so he can kiss my lips one more time still so sleepy.

"My everything hurts," I speak, eyes narrowed.

"My man and neck hurt too," Harry whines laughing.

I open wider my eyes and support my weight on my elbows looking at him, I look at his neck and the hickey is huge I don't even know how I did it but I just remember we drank whine and champagne as if today alcohol was gone forever.

"I'm sorry for this," I point the mark and he laughs.

"You've done worse,"

"As if," I roll my eyes jokingly and stretch my arm to take my phone but he hugs me and doesn't let me reach the nightstand.

"I need my phone,"

"No, you just need me..." He kisses me but I jerk away.

"I need both of you to survive, right now I need more my phone than you though," I mock.

"I bought it so I won't borrow it to you today," he speaks so serious but at the same time is so stupid what he says, so I just laugh and take advantage of him waiting for an answer to take my phone.

I cover my breast with a sheet and scroll, I have 17 missed calls from Jolene, 9 missed calls from Paige and 13 unread messages.

I check the time and when I realize I'm almost late, I feel like running to the bathroom but Jolene calls me just when I leave the bed.

"Hello, I'm so sorry and I know I'm late but -,"

"It's okay it won't be any fashion show though," Jolene speaks while I finish the bun with my hair.

"What, why?" I ask and walk out from the bathroom, Harry looks at me worried.

"Paige quitted this morning and she was our main model and the one we were going to interview for the article,"

"Is that even legal?" I am so upset, if she's doing this to ruin my career is just more than stupid now that this project just doesn't involve me but her beloved best friend Carter.

"According to her lawyer it is, and I'm not going to fight with the law... I'm really sorry, in your next pay I will add the ticket and the hotel you had to pay,"

"Jolene is okay you don't need to, I was here before for holiday... but isn't there another model that can replace her?"

"Is not just one model that quitted but three, Paige was friends with them and they just left us,"

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