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Songs of the chapter: Night Changes, One Direction.
Happy, Leona Lewis.
It Will Rain, Bruno Mars.

"Lots of performances! Like One Direction's," I hear in the TV.

I'm so drunk and I feel so guilty for it, I'm trying to get rid of this feeling and this heartache with a shower while watching the awards. I don't really know why I just started drinking and why I actually got to that bar... I'm not as drunk as I was three hours ago because I decided to finally come back and right now I feel guilty for not accompanying the boys to the awards when they asked me to. That's why I'm going to that After Party, I feel so stupid too because I ran away when Harry told me that but I just felt used for a little moment, like if my feelings didn't care in our relationship but thinking again what he said, he always wanted the best for me and still does so in this party I will apologise to him and tell him all of my feelings so probably... we can start it all over again.

"Ms. Williams?" Maria asks my name outside.

"Linda please, and come in!" I scream and she walks in. I'm wrapped in a towel so I don't care.

"Kaylee just called, I told her you were here and she asked me to speak to you but you were taking a shower so she asked me to tell you to call her when you're over,"

"I'm not feeling good. I feel so sick, I can't talk this way." Actually Kaylee can't know I'm drunk, that's why I'm not talking to her.

"Okay... Do you want pills or something?" She asks me.

"Aspirin, please," I smile.

And I wear that black dress Harry wanted me to wear yesterday; I wear black pumps and do my hair up in a high bun because this isn't a normal teenager party but an after party of international awards. I check my watch and know the awards are over so I just take the first cab I see outside and tell Maria where I am going just if Kaylee calls... my phone is lost, once again. I think I left it in the bar or probably is lost somewhere in this mansion.

I get to the place, it is even prettier at night and just seeing Hollywood stars really overwhelms me but I ignore the fact I'm trembling and walk inside looking for someone I think I know.

This place is fuller than a house full of high school teenagers and I'm scared when I don't find anyone. I'm claustrophobic so I run to a balcony and before I can catch my breath I see him kissing Nadine, his eyes are closed and his hand is on her shoulder.

"No..." I whisper, "not again Harry." And I cry again, I feel drunker than before and when he opens his eyes... "Harry?"

And I just can't anymore, I walk out from the crowd and run away not knowing how my feet manage to run with these pumps but I do. I walk into a bar and buy more alcohol, I get then in a supermarket and buy beer because if I don't mix these beverages I won't get drunk easier.

I'm not okay at all, the fact that I came here to be in peace and I'm feeling like if I was in hell makes me so mad and depressed.

Why is Harry kissing her? I've got a less curved body, I'm blonde too and probably my eyes aren't blue or green but everyone is always jealous of my eyelashes and eyebrows. We are almost the same but the difference is that she is a Victoria's Secret model so she models lingerie while I don't.

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