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She walks past me to the door, I try to snatch up her arm but she jerks away and runs out. I run immediately behind her, she opens the door and runs faster away from me.

I need to give her space to calm down, I need time for me too but I won't leave her walking around alone. She goes for a coffee; she walks to the park and sits there on the ground watching an old couple laughing.

I am feet away from her and now that she is sitting there way more calmed and I am calmed too, I can approach to her and tell her I am so proud and even if it hurts too much I need to let her go.

"Hi," I say and she looks at me, her eyes can't be redder or they'll explode. "I am so sorry for the way I reacted." I kneel and she puts her hand on mine, which is on her shoulder.

"You promised," She sighs, "you swore you will never act that way again."

"I know. You just know how I feel about Carter and..." I exhale too, "I don't think you can't do anything without me, on the contrary, you can do more without me. I am nothing without you; I need you even to eat... I'm just scared of being miserable if you are not by my side." I sit; I am tired of this position. "I am proud of you, Jolene wants the best journalist of all and you are one of the best! You haven't even graduated and you interviewed the biggest boy band of the planet!" I compliment and she laughs, "I know you'll do great and even though I will miss you hella times every second of the tour, I am so proud." I finish and she hugs me.

"I'll miss you too," she utters.


"Promise me you won't have lunch with him, you won't sit near him, you won't talk to him nor do anything related to that prickly piece of dirtball." I tip off and she laughs so hard.

"I promise I'll call you every second." She crosses her fingers and I nod. "So, we will see each other again in two days, save my Wembley tickets honey," she smiles and kisses my cheek.

"I will, sweetheart." I mock and I feel someone touching my shoulder, Liam is behind me.

"So, you're completely out?" Liam asks her.

"Yeah, I'm back to the enterprise."

"That is so cool and we all will miss you." Louis comes to us.

"It means Harry will be with us again? Ugh," Zayn says and then laughs, I roll my eyes and Linda giggles.

"It was a pleasure to work with you," Ben shakes her hand and she thanks him for everything.

Then Lou and Dan, Josh, Jon, Sandy and Ashton, Calum, Luke and Michael kiss her goodbye and wish her the best of the wishes. She really gained love from everyone in just three weeks, it is obvious because apart from being an amazing girlfriend she is just so nice with everyone and it makes her be perfectly likable.

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