"Fuck," I swear and he laughs. "I can take the after pill."

"You sure? There's just 99.9% of protection." He tries to be serious but fails by grinning.

"I am sure." I reply and he jumps over me again.

He brushes his thing on mine, I leave escape a moan and grab it to put it in me. I press his bodyweight closer to me, to really feel him.


"Someone wants to meet you, last time you were so drunk and you didn't talk." Harry explains and pulls his pants up.

"Who?" I turn around for him to zip my dress.

"Surprise," he whispers and kisses my shoulder. "Let's go." He holds my hand and we walk out of the room, we search that one person on the floor and when we do not find him/her Harry calls him/her, I try to see who is it but he lifts up his phone so I don't see.

"Where are you? ...oh, fuck you, man!" He laughs and blushes. "...Yeah whatever, we are heading there in a minute." Harry talks and hangs up. "Come," he holds my hand once again and we walk to the ground floor.

There are a lot of small TVs, each one showing each room and when I see Ed Sheeran watching them I freeze. He saw us, he saw me; he did it. Oh, my god.

"Hey," he stands up and walks to us. I know my face is redder than a tomato. "Happy birthday!" He hugs me; I know he feels my shaking ashamed arms hugging him back.

"Thank you so much," I smile and he nods.

"What took you guys so long?" He smiles jokingly at Harry.

Harry's POV.

"Do not begin bothering us," I warn and Ed laughs. I do fucking not care if he saw me naked and on action but I do care if he saw her that intimate.

"I turn off the security cameras when it started, do not worry." He speaks and I hold my girl's hand, she squeezes her fingers against mines, I know she is so ashamed and she feels wrong about it. "Let's to go the pharmacy to buy you know what," Ed continues and I roll my eyes.

He always is this playful, he always mocks everyone with anything but this is out of limit, I don't want her to feel awkward and weird. At least not today, is her fucking day.

"Stop it." I snap. Ed raises his hands showing he gives up joking, and gives her a CD.

"I don't know you but I want to give you this, it is signed by them." Linda opens it and it is Foster The People's album.

"Oh, my God! It has my name!" She yells at me and I nod smiling, finally he is doing something good. "They wrote my name!" She continues. She hugs Ed tight and kisses his cheek. "This is so perfect, you are awesome!" She exclaims happy.

We go out of the studio, I really don't know how fans knew we are here, but it is not a problem because they are just twenty girls, more or less. They sing the happy birthday song to Linda and she blushes, thanking them for that. After taking pictures with some of them, we three go to the car and fans gently makes us space to leave. I park in front of Ed's house.

"See you at night!" He says and opens the door.

"Screw you, goddamn!" I yell at him. He is my best friend but fuck, he always ruins surprises and moments.

"I... mean that I am-,"

"Yeah whatever. Leave the blooding car," I oblige and laughing he runs to his house.

Linda sees how he goes away emotionless. I start the car and turn on the radio when none of us says a word. This stupid show where they talk about how celebs wear stupidly clothes is on.

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