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"Hi Prince Harry," Caroline laughs. "Where's your princess?"

"I don't know," I smile and sigh, I haven't seen her since yesterday's night.

"I thought this cardigan wasn't a good idea but you look hella hot," Julie compliments me.

"Thank you ladies,"

"You're so down today Styles, what happened?" Lou walks to me, she asks while applying some manly make up on me.

"No one knows, he won't tell." Louis comes into the place so Caroline and Julie dress him up.

"It's nothing," I roll my eyes; I've wanted to ask about her all the day but I don't want anyone to know I'm asking for her... I don't want to make her angrier. And we are finally ready for the awards, I know I'll see her soon sitting two seats behind me so I feel a little revived and when people interview us I am able to laugh and comment, everyone compliments my outfit and I'm happy because I chose it myself so I'm proud. We walk through the red carpet, then we talk to some people before getting into the theatre and I literally run to my seat when I see Kaylee already settled.

"Where's Linda?" I enquire.

"I thought she was coming with you," Kaylee says worried.

"And I thought she was with you. Did you guys got ready together?"

"Harry I thought she went to your house with you because Niall told me you guys were so lovely yesterday. I haven't seen her all day,"

An arrow is stabbed in my heart and my hands start sweating. Where the fuck is she?

Kaylee tries to call her, my bodyguard tugs me to my seat and I'm obliged to do it. I text Kaylee telling her she needs to let me know if she finds her, I can't just ask her to leave this theatre and look for Linda because 1. She has a broken back and 2. This place is full so it's impossible to leave.

I walk to my seat and say hi to Louis' parents.

"Is everything okay buddy?" Niall asks me.

"No, Linda is missing." I rub my face with such desperation that it hurts.

"Mate, you know she hates fame so probably-,"

"Not missing here Niall, she's missing at all."

And the opening artist starts singing, Niall just rubs my back and I try to call and text her but her phone is off, this is literally scaring me...

*she's okay, she's in her room. Just enjoy the awards!!!!* Kaylee texts me, I turn around and she gives me a thumbs up and smiles giving me relief.

Probably Niall is right and she just didn't feel like coming, I'll perform so well and be happy for her to see me sitting on her bed.

When it's time to perform all the lyrics I sing them to her, just thinking about her and replanting how I am going to tell her I really need her so bad when I see her. I don't understand why she reacted that way when I told her what I told her yesterday but possibly I just caught her out of guard and she felt the obligation to give me an immediately answer so she decided to escape.

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