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"Yes you have..." I point my lap.

She walks to the side where I am sitting and sits on my lap, I wrap my arms around her body and she rests her head on my chest.

"Stay here with me, this way tonight." She begs.

"Sure," I kiss her head and feel how her body is released, how she falls asleep immediately on me. I open my legs so I can be comfortable as well and I close my eyes, trying to sleep along with Arthur and her.


"I haven't cooked like two months ago," I say.

"Really?" She asks and hands me grapes to chop.

"Yeah, cooking just for me wasn't funny and cooking without you isn't funny and healthy." I kiss her cheek and feel how her skin is full of goose bumps with my touch, making me realise she wants it even more, for me to touch her more.

Linda's POV.

I turn around and kiss him, I know I told him today I am accepting to be his girlfriend again and I haven't done it yet but I can't help kissing him. I want him so much right now and I just need to feel his lips brushing mine, his cold skin touching mine and his warmth hands stroking mine, how he just caresses me, the way he protects me with his long arms and kisses me slowly, wild driving me crazy. My dad isn't home, he didn't arrive yesterday and it was obvious he wasn't going to make it here. This is why I don't care what I am doing, at least he is not here I am perfectly good. Harry lifts me up, placing me on the kitched island, sucking my neck and leaving me a mark there. It burns, hurts and seems to be huge and so red but I don't care, it's so sexy and beautiful.

He runs his fingers through the lace of my pants and unlaces it.

"In the kitchen?" I ask laughing.

He shakes his head and cradles me, like how the just-married-man carries the bride to the bedroom. He lays me slowly on the couch; it's a big white one. When he breathes into my ear, my body turns up immediately and begs for him in the moment. He looks for the end of my shirt and lifts it up, we are both smiling to each other and I feel joy, I feel something this time different than another one with him.

"I can't," he sits up, I do the same and frown when he rubs his face.

"What's wrong?" I ask while I return my shirt to its previous state.

"I don't want you to think and feel I just want you sexually, I love you more than that and-,"

I press my finger on his lips, he trails off immediately.

"I know that. Before, I know I told you I felt that, but then thinking it without anger... I realised that's false. Okay? Don't feel bad about it, I was too stupid." He is beautiful. I can't stop feeling that flutter in my chest of something telling me he is perfect and the love of my life and that I love him every day more.

I know he loves me more than just for sex, I love him the same way and because we love each other we do this. It's not just because it's true love that people do this but too to express their feelings in the most intimate way possible, something that just links them and no one else around. I just got it, I understand his way to love, it's different from what I expect him to, but I don't mind, not anymore. I need to learn to know him and love him this way and do not expect him to change because he has always being the same, meaning that I fell in love with this guy in front of me not the way I am willing him to change, the way I want.

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