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"Sorry," he clears his throat and returns to his position, handing me my phone back.
"S,alright," I nod not so convinced.
I lock my phone and start looking my nails, checking if they need to be repainted.
"Can I ask you something?" He asks.
"Sure," I sit straight and look at him.
"Who's in the hotel I picked you up?"
"Everyone from Fabulous," I answer, nothing but the fetched truth.
"Were you looking for Paige?"
I shake my head, I didn't even think about doing so till now.
"Did you book a room there?" He enquires.
"Nope," I draw a line with my lips; I'm not ready for more questions.
"Your turn," Niall appears right in front of me, his smile is so big and the color to his face is back.
"Thanks," I smile and walk straight to the room.
Kaylee is texting people; she is just moving her hands and not even her eyes or head.
"Ding Lin," she laughs and I raise my eyebrows smiling proudly.
"Come over here love," she moves her hand up in the air and I nod sitting beside her.
"How are you feeling?" I ask.
"Few pain in here and there but I'm okay. How're you?"
"I'm here for you not you for me," I take her hand.
"I'm always for you darling," she nods so little and I see in her eyes pain and she tightens her grip.
"Don't," I caress her hair and she smiles relieved.
"Then you're not okay," she lingers.
"Yeah," I lie.
"Having problems with Harry is okay then?"
"How you know that?" I frown.
"First off, you always have that face when you guys fight and second off, I am in the middle of this too. Li, I knew about Paige a long ago, when we were in Colombia or Argentina I saw him texting her and then he told me she was a friend and I was like 'not a friend' and he was like 'she is, I love Linda',"
"Dear... when you arrived to Brazil he was about to start something with that Paige because he was lonely and lost but then you lighted up his world again. Yeah, he was confused between you and her because Paige was nice to him while he was alone without you and he left her for you. You're his true love, because of his confusion he told a lot of stuff to that girl and even that he loved her and not you but because he was hurt and broken..." She explains.
"Paige Reifler is a bitch, she is using Harry's weakness against himself and that's why he bought that apartment there, she doesn't even live in London but here... I swear anything happened when you guys were together, forgive him and don't let this stupid shit destroy you,"
"So he was with the two of us in the beginning?" I ask a little hurt and feeling stupid.
I took a long flight to see him, I accepted a workless job to be with him and I skipped university for him so he could be with two girls at the same time.
"He is with you; he's always been with you. I'm your best friend and if he were a dick I'd tell you but he isn't. He loves you and anyone else,"
"I don't understand..." I smile at her.
"He never cheated," she explains and I nod, I really believe it because if Kaylee says it it's true.
"But I did," I speak, "an hour ago I kissed Carter for some stupid reason and I wasn't drunk and I'm not right now,"
"You did what?" She opens wide her eyes, the cast on her neck doesn't let her move or she will be killing me with her gaze.
"I don't even know why," I cover my face with my hands.
"Fuck Linda you need to tell Harry about it today before you go back to London,"
"How you know I will be going back today?"
"Because I was planning on going with you but I obviously can't now," she laughs.
"I'll tell him. Thanks bestie," I hug her, the softest I can.
I leave the room a little bit more relieved about Harry and Paige, knowing my best friend is alive but I'm still concerned about telling him about Carter and that she can't walk in a close future.

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