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"See that," Liam continues narrating us what is Niall telling to Kaylee while they buy a smoothie, "now he is going to whisper something so chessy in her ear," and they are actually doing whatever he says, he is so good in this and I just can't stop laughing.

I'm sitting between Harry's legs while we both laugh at Liam's comments, I shift slightly up because my bare legs are sliding me down, he plants a kiss on my neck and I shiver when he wraps his arms around me and sets his chin on my head, entwining his fingers with mines and he laughs again.

"Kaylee will hit his chest because he added a dirt comment," my best friend does, "and now... Niall will blush and kiss her cheek." Liam ends. Raises his hand and gleams his comedy litany scene laughing.

"You're so good in this," Sophia compliments her boyfriend.

"Yes you are," I agree with her, still giggling.

"I can do that too," Harry speaks; I cock my head to look at him. "You'll kiss me..." he says and I place a soft kiss on his lips. "And now I will," he kisses me back and l blush, "I'm a master..." he adds eyeing me.

"Good try bro," Liam rolls his eyes and Sophia laughs and hits him tenderly.

"You guys are so cute, don't let Mr. Payne ruin your moments," Sophia apologises and I just nod laughing.

"What are we doing tonight for Kaylee? We can make a party in a bar I saw in this street and I can be the DJ, I'm so good..." Liam suggests.

"Niall and I were thinking in making it like a surprise... so that sounds so nice but just don't tell her anything," I advise Liam, he sometimes says things he shouldn't say...

"I won't," he feigns zipping his mouth and then throwing the key to the pool.

"Will you like going to the pool with me?" Sophia asks me and I nod smiling.

She is wearing a one piece black swimsuit while I'm wearing a black bikini so I decide to walk still with my shorts to the edge of the pool and take them off there so I can hide my body quickly; I jump into the water along with her.

Harry's POV.

"Do you think it's time to tell her what happened at the party?" I ask Liam.

"I don't know mate... you should have told her that same day or at least the next one... you'll screw up everything again."

"I know but I don't really know how to tell her this," I press my temples, this has been gnawing me deep inside, I know I did wrong again but it worth it.

"Just do it man... she deserves to know the truth because it is something that involves her so much,"

"I know... what if she hates me for what I did?" I am so afraid...

"I don't know her as much as you do Styles, but I know she hates him and she'll be happy to know what you did... or maybe she won't take it that good but at least she won't hate you,"

"Babe, come!" Sophia calls Liam to the pool, I am not staying here all alone so I prefer to go with him and swim with them and Linda.

Is the very first time I am actually in a pool with her, this bikini she's wearing is so freaking sexy and if it wasn't for all these people here I'll -.

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