Author's note: Okay, I haven't updated in two weeks haha and I know you still hate like from last time but hey, i'll be a hindrance with this note but it's just because i'm sentimental. I started writing Beloved 2 when I started my last year of school and now it's the end of the story and the end of my school life forever!! Thaaaaat's why I've been so busy with this college stuff and too thinking clearly the things I write, I read Beloved 1 so I can finish this story (in the next five chapters) just as perfect as Zayn Malik.

So this is the chapter where everything starts changing... and you can smell the end coming closer and closer.

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Songs of the chapter: shut Up And Dance, Walk The Moon.

Still Worth Fighting For, My Darkest Days.

How Long Will I Love You, Ellie Goudling.

"Oh, my God," I get out of the car and walk straight to the sign, I'm not impressed for the sign but for the view, everything looks so tiny and perfect.

"Do you like it?" Harry asks me.

I turn around and see Kaylee and Niall in the Y while we are in the H.

"It's so beautiful," I say and look straight in his eye. "Give me your phone and walk here," I point the space beside me.

"What would you do?" He hands me his phone and walks beside me.

I give some steps forward and open his camera. "I'll take a picture from H in H," I laugh and snap it when he poses. He's just a shadow but his silhouette revels his identity.

"Let me take a picture from L in L," I hand him his phone back and we walk to the L, I make a funny trying-to-look-sexy-but-fail pose.

"I wanna see it," I get closer and I'm just a shape but I like it. "I'll change all of my icons to this," I say and laugh.

I lift my head and he's staring at me, he is wearing sunglasses so I don't see his eyes. I take off his sunglasses and wear them.

"Your head is so big," I say when the sunglasses slide down my nose.

"If I happened to wear yours my brain would explode from the pressure,"

"Ha-ha," I roll my eyes jokingly and music starts playing, I see Niall in the car turning up the radio. shut Up And Dance starts playing and Niall takes Kaylee's hand to dance with her.

We are lonely here in this sign, Harry and Niall asked for it because if people happened to be here then it wouldn't be so... enjoyable.

"We should take the dance floor higher in the mountain because I see too many people waiting there..." I speak to Harry.

"You're right,"

And we climb back in the car and drive out from the place, we eat in the car and I feed Harry while he drives to another tall mountain where I guess just animals and us are. He parks in a plain grass-less lot and Niall turns on the radio.

Worth Fighting For starts playing and Niall takes Kaylee's hand again, I see how gently and caring he takes her to dance which breaks my heart in little pieces because he's too cute.

When the song is over Niall plugs his phone and plays his own music, he goes back to Kaylee and just when he wraps his arms around her How Long Will I Love You starts playing.

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