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Songs of the chapter:

Teenage Dream, Katy Perry.
Shadow, Austin Mahone.
Night Changes, One Direction.

Where we going?" I ask when he doesn't turn left but right.
"There was too much traffic," he replies.
"Liar," I frown, "there was just a car and it was us,"
He laughs hard and looks back at me when the traffic light turns red. His eyes are so big, his eyes are greener than some minutes ago and his full lips seem so soft and...
"Are you going to kidnap me?" I mock.
"I'm taking you somewhere because I need your help," he turns his gaze back to the road, "then we will go and bury Snugs together,"
I sigh, I'm so scared the same thing that happened last time repeats and we are back to the "we broke up but we will still be together" kind of relationship I don't want to have. I love him so freaking much but I feel like he is right -maybe he was- and we need time to be better if there's another chance we can take anytime soon.
"I don't feel like going anywhere, can you please take me home?"
"I'll pay you, it's just a little work..."
"I'm not asking you money Harry, I'm asking you to take me to my house," I speak.
"You already are hired since you climbed in my car," he lingers.
I sigh harder and get so pissed with him for being so stubborn and reckless. I close my eyes and lean my head against the window, BBC Radio 1 decides to play Steal My Girl and Harry starts singing along with the music. He literally screams all the freaking song but I just ignore him, I know what he's trying to do and I'm not paying him the less attention. I just don't know why I want to leave this car but still stay, I need him here, I don't want to get home and feel empty now that the only one reminder of him is up in heaven.
When the song is over I get closer to his seat, "can I at least now what I'm hired for?"
"You'll find out when we get there,"
"Harry..." I whine.
"We are so close," he parks in a lost parking lot, there's anything or anyone here and I feel so scared because there's not even light.
I climb out and use my phone's lantern to see where I am stepping in, I feel his hand grabbing my arm and guiding me somewhere, I just look at the floor preventing my feet for making me fall.
"Finally," a manly voice speaks, I have heard him before. When I raise my head and point my lantern up too, it's one of the bodyguards.
"Sorry..." He sighs, "come in," Harry tugs me and I feel a car, I climb in and then Harry comes behind me.
The bodyguard gets in too and closes the door, the lights turns on and the van starts moving.
"Hi Linda," he smiles.
I haven't seen him before, he is tall, bald and his skin colour is dark. He looks so nice and probably is new.
"Hi... uhm," I don't know his name.
I look at Harry but he just laughs and doesn't tell me his name, I turn back to the bodyguard and he laughs too.
I just remain silent, Harry uses his phone all the time and when I try to spy what he is doing he just tilts his phone to the other side so I can't see anything.
I feel stupid so as always, I take out my phone and open Instagram.
I find a picture I took from Snuggles the other day when he was cuddling with me and post it, adding the caption: "RIP to one of my best friends, I love you forever and always" because he really was, during these weeks he slept with me and looked for me when he knew I was crying.
Instantly people liked my picture, commenting they're sorry for the lost and I see Harry likes it too... I look at him and he caresses my leg with his free hand.
"He'll love you forever and always too, like I do," he smirks.
I blush and look down at my phone reading more of the comments, other accounts send me partings to my Twitter and I feel somehow better because I wasn't the only one who loved Snuggles but Harry's fans too.
Lights start getting into my eyes and I raise my head, my eyes spotting the National History Museum's ice rink. The place has papers that read "closed" all over the walls.
I see trunks and scenery lights, cameras and Ben Winston is here.
"What's this?" I enquire.
"A date," he laughs and takes my hand, helping me out of the van.
He literally walks me to Ben, there's a lot of people here but they're not ice skating, they're just moving cameras and other people all around the ice rink.
"Linda, how are you?" Ben hugs me.
"I'm good and you?"
"Good and glad you're helping us," he smiles, "but for now please go with Lou while we take shoots of Harry,"
He takes Harry somewhere away from me and I just frown confused, I turn around and look for Lou and when I see her I walk to her and Caroline.
"Hey Li!" Lou hugs me tight and kisses my cheek, "I've missed you so much around..."
"Not as much as me," I hear someone speaking behind me, I turn around and see Liam.
I smile big and hug him so tight that I feel I lift him off the floor.
"She misses me more than you all," he laughs and points Lou, Caroline, Julie and even Cal.
I really have missed all these people, they're all so nice and I forgot how much I loved them all. We all sit in a table, I'm freezing so Lou borrows me one of the wardrobe coats.
"How's school going?" Caroline Watson asks me.
"Very good, I am one of the bests so I've recovered almost two complete subjects,"
"I'm glad!" Lou comments.
"Harry didn't tell me why I came here for," I speak to Liam.
He laughs shaking his head, "isn't it obvious it's a video? We are here for Night Changes music video,"
"Where are the rest of the boys then?"
"Each one has a different location where to have their solo,"
"Linda!" I hear my name being called on a microphone.
"There's calling you for your take," Cal says.
"My take?" I frown.
A woman comes and tugs me to the ice rink, she makes me walk -almost fly- beside Ben.
"So you just stretch your arm and take Harry's hand while beside me," Ben speaks.
"We will try once before recording," Harry talks.
I am so confused, I don't get what I'm doing here or what I have to do. Is a job taking Harry's hand behind the camera for a music video?
"What's this about?" I appeal.
"Harry's supposedly in a date, he is ice skating with his girl but it all is messed up when they both fall and break a bone or something," Ben explains.
"Okay... why am I here then?" I look at Harry suspiciously.
"We will show the girl's hand," Ben clears up. "Didn't you tell her?" Ben asks Harry.
"I-," Harry looks at me.
"Did you really just want to go to my house to make me come here and help you and not because of Snuggles didn't you?" I inquire really disappointed.
"I went for both of you," Harry explains, "I just-,"
"We can't waste more time! Are you doing it or not?" Someone screams, I don't bother turning around but I just shake my head aghast.
I leave quietly the ice rink so I don't fall, Harry calls my name twice but I don't look at him. I see Liam, Lou and Cal agape for what they just saw and I feel stupid because I hate fighting in front of others, but I just can't believe he wanted to see me just to bring me here. He is unbelievable and probably he doesn't care anymore about me, he never cared about Snugs! Imagine if we never broke up and I still had loved him for more time, what if I happened to be pregnant somehow? He would never give a damn about my baby but just his fucking work.
I walk to the back door so I leave without people near me, I feel a hand brushing my shoulder and when I turn around I see Liam.
"Let me take you home,"
"You don't have to..." I smile.
"But I want to, you're an amazing girl and if it wasn't for you Sophia and I wouldn't be together anymore. I love you,"
"You're amazing too," I hug him, "you can take me home..." I laugh.
I walk behind Liam and in front of Paddy through cars and people, we just got here and tons of girls are already screaming Harry's name because he is inside and now some others Liam's. I cover my ear from insults and get into his car quickly.
"I am coming back Pad," Liam speaks to his bodyguard.
"I'll leave you both go alone but I'm not leaving my phone away so if you need me,"
"Thanks," I smile and shake his hand.
"Take care," he hugs me like a father.
Liam starts the car and when we are finally on the road without girls following or cars, I feel the tension back and the need of crying everything out once again.
"I know these aren't my problems but when he knew about the cat's death it really didn't affect him the fact he was gone but the fact you're alone from now on. You weren't much attached to your pet either,"
"That's why I feel guilty for his dead," I start crying, "I never paid him the attention he needed and when I felt that he was going to be so missed I discovered Harry didn't give a fuck about him,"
"If you guys were still dating would you still cry this much for the loss?"
I think about it twice and realise I wouldn't. I am just crying for the fact that the only thing that kept us in contact is gone? Maybe the fact that he represented our love and he is gone too?
"He loves you and misses you so much. He still cares about you Linda, he's so worried now that Kaylee isn't here and Snuggles is dead you go back-,"
I close my eyes and cry harder, he didn't just tell Liam about my past and my problems. He is a liar, he couldn't keep my precious secret!
"I won't! I'm not such an idiot, he is an idiot for being who he is and for making me fall in love with him. I didn't want to love anybody and he came in my life when I didn't ask him to, I was doing so good trying to change my life and I just don't know what I am now," I cover my face with my hands.
"Don't be so hard on you and him," Liam rubs my back.
We get to my flat, he parks in front of my building.
"If you need something don't doubt calling me or Sophia, alright?"
"Thanks..." I kiss his cheek.
"Everything will be alright babe,"
"I hope," I sigh and get off the car.

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