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And I continue packing stuff, I have so much things in this study that I could make a little store. I open the fifth box and find my journal inside.

"I kissed Harry and then we fought and I am here in my room crying. We've dated for three hours and I'm already crying. Will this work?"


"Harry bought a new car and I drove it and almost crashed... he would've killed me. He loves the car more than himself and I!"



And I toss it to the floor, this journal contains a lot of memories and I just don't want to end up crying alone. I take out next a camera, the professional one Harry gave me on my birthday and I just used it once. I place it on my lap and then take out pictures we took back in France and I start crying really hard... we were really happy even though we had problems and I feel so guilty for everything that happened because just if I had left Carter away just like I did this new year but while we were together then right now I would be in his house watching a movie with him while we cuddle and caress each other. I miss him so much, it's been five months and of course he forgot about me I just can't go and tell him I love him and need him back.

He didn't even talk to me yesterday, he never looked at me and he never mentioned a word so it means he doesn't care about me anymore and probably he found a new girlfriend in Los Angeles...

I'm not feeling good, I take my phone, dial his number and save it. I just want to hear his voice.

"Hello?" he picks it up, I cover my mouth and continue crying a river. "Who's there? Are you okay?" he enquires but I don't speak. "No G, it's an unknown number." He speaks to Glenne, yesterday they called her G all the time so I know it's her.

I hang up and turn it off, I walk to my bed and sleep.


"Happy birthday!!!!!" I hear someone screaming, I open my eyes and Niall has chocolates on his hands, Kaylee has balloons, Sophia a huge camera-shaped cake, Liam has a huge sign that reads: "your last year as a teenager!" and there are some boxes beside him.

I check the time and realise I was supposed to pick Niall and Kaylee in three hours so they actually lied to me. I forgot today was my birthday, if they weren't here in front of me I would have awoken up just like if it was January 14th. I smile, seeing them here and knowing they are so cute in coming and remembering about me it's the cutest thing ever and I'm about to wake up and hug them all until I forget I am wearing just panties.

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