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"Why you asking me that?" He frowns, caressing my back with his thumb.

"Just to know," I lie back on his chest, my position wasn't comfortable, "in France, the day you were sick I wasn't sleepy so I walked to the balcony and the view was perfect... I wanted to take a picture but my phone was so far from me so I took yours and her name popped up on the screen," I explain.

He gulps again but this time harder, my head even jumps a little.

"She apologised for everything that day, I told her I have now a girlfriend and some things... we had an introducing chat," he explicates.

"So you are good with Paige now?" I ask, caressing his chest.

"Sort of," he shrugs and lifts me up with his hand from my lower back, "I love when we have these conversations... simple and calmed," he smiles and kisses my lips lightly.

"Yeah..." I smile fully, he is so right... we are progressing on us so good and I am just so happy for this.

He hovers over me, supporting his body on his elbows and his hat falls on my face. We both burst into laughter; I am still covered by his fedora while laughing along with him.

"I'm sorry," he picks it up and throws it to the window, it hits it and falls.

"You destroying my flat," I roll my eyes jokingly and tilt my head to a side.

"So you move with me forever, you discovered me..." He chuckles and drives his lips to my neck, kissing meaningfully every inch of it while I gasp for air harder feeling his hard erection on my crotch.

"The door is open," I attempt to speak.

"Oh shit, true." He laughs and jumps off the bed and closes it.

While he does it I take off my tank and sweat shorts and sit, standing there half naked.

"Hey, you are urged," he smirks crawling to me slowly, like a little tiger learning to walk.

I blush and smile when he outstretches his legs between my body and tugs me closer to him.

I open my legs and wrap them around his waist while he closes his and tugs me even nearer his body.

Now that our heights are partially equal I lean just a little and press my lips against his, his hands instantly fumble my back looking for my bra to unclasp it, I pull it down my arms without disconnecting our lips and moan in his mouth when he cups my boob and squeezes it.

I unlink our lips and kiss his jawline, then Adam's apple and finally his neck. Beads of sweat already rolling down his chest when I get there. He sighs half a moan, which turns me on immediately and lets me know I'm doing it right, I've never really done this but I feel like doing it today.

I tug his underwear and pat his bulge, making him cry.

"I can't," he holds my face between his hands and makes me look directly in the eyes.

"What?" I ask concerned.

"My manful vibe turns off," he smirks.

"What?" I ask again laughing.

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