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"Our food is already in our table baby," I rub her shoulder and she nods emotionless, she is right in being mad because of this but not because of Carter's topic a while ago, she can't be friends with the guy that wants to keep her away me and the one who tried to revenge from me using her, the one who makes us fight and be apart, if it wasn't for his shit she would be touring still with me instead of working in the enterprise.

"See you guys," she kisses goodbye and walks with me to the table, she sits and sighs, "I don't care if you're mad with me or not but I just want to know if you knew about this..." she hands me her phone and I read.

"Yeah," I nod.

She drinks from her champagne and sighs again. "What about stop hiding things? You've done it twice Harry... now that we will be more separated will you hide me more stuff?" she drinks more.

"I'm sorry, I know how much you hate it so I wasn't going to tell you so, I already talked with Cal and I will send him a video of me explaining that's false and he will upload it anonymously... this was supposed to be okay tomorrow."

She shakes her head and takes another sip, she hasn't eaten anything much today and if she drinks more she'll be so drunk when that glass is empty so I take it to my side and hand her water to drink instead.

"Why people do this? Is like if I invented Bruno Mars eats gorillas and I decided to tweet it and then everyone believes it..." she exemplifies and I just laugh, she smiles and then laughs.

"Let's begin together that rumour, it's actually great." I mock and she drinks water.

"Stop it because you've been a dick today and I'm angry..." she frowns but fails laughing, I fucking love her so much.

I stretch my hand and take her hand, kiss her knuckles and I see how she blushes and shakes her head.

"You're not gaining me that easy dick," she jerks away and focuses on her plate, starts eating her salad without looking at me. I try to make noise for her to raise her head but she just smiles at her food and tries to avoid meeting my eyes.

"If you don't look at me I'll scream what dirty things you love doing to me," I whisper and she gawks and kicks me under the table.

"Don't you dare..." she warns me, pointing my neck with her fork.

"You can't kill me... you're not capable because you love me and if you do, half of the world will hate you because you killed Harry Styles and you'll go to jail." I scoff and she clinches her fork in a tomato.

"You win, this time..." she blushes.


"Still mad?" I laugh, she is ignoring me but I know she is playing, her smile betrays her.

In the car she put her earphones on and ignored me but still smiled when I sang every song from the CD so she wasn't actually listening to music. Now she is beside me reading a magazine and still ignoring me.

"You're making me do something I don't want to do..." I tease and kiss her cheek. "There's one way you can't ignore me," I kiss her neck and she shakes it and covers her neck with a pillow, then continues reading.

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