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Song of the chapter: Can't Fight This Love, Austin Mahone.


Isn't this the chick Harry hates so much because she did something to him a year ago, literally? Why is she talking to him?

I scroll up and any text shows up, he deleted what he texted her, out of the blue she couldn't respond him that. What is this boy hiding?

I leave his phone where it was before and walk back to my side of the bed, I don't feel like taking a picture anymore. I rest my head on my pillow and trying not to think this that is in my mind I try to sleep...


"Are you feeling better?" I ask him, standing in front of the bathroom.

I walk out of the bathroom, showered, just wearing underwear.

"I am," he smirks and stands up and walks to me, "just hangover but something you can make me forget..." He leans to kiss me.

I talk to Carter and he ruined my life, why? Because I am not a revenger and neither him, he can talk to Paige with no revenge at all.

I must stop overreacting and trust him just like he does with me now that I am Carter's coworker and most likely friend.

We go to the pool where everyone else is, I see Kaylee playing with a puppy and realise it's hers so I turn to my side to tell Harry we should go to meet the pet but he isn't by my side, I see him in the other side of the pool phoning someone.

I meet the dog, then Niall and Kaylee leave because they have a reservation in a restaurant, I haven't seen Liam and Sophia today... Eleanor isn't here but just Louis drinking a smoothie so I go to talk to him.

Harry is still talking to that one person, when I sit beside Louis I have Harry in front of me and I see how he laughs and smiles blushed...

This is starting to worry me since what I read yesterday...

"Are you alright? Do you want a smoothie?" Louis interrupts my sad thoughts.

"No I'm fine, thanks," I smile and he caresses my shoulder.

"Something happened with that guy?" Louis points to Harry.

"I - I kind of read yesterday a message from this Paige on his phone and I'm just worried because she was a bitch to him and now they're friends again," I explain. I really trust him on this.

"Well, you know how of a gentleman Harry is, how he forgives everyone and tries to be perfectly good with every single person because he hates being hated." Louis smiles to give me comfort, "Don't tell him I told you this but she apologised with him a week ago or so... maybe she invented stuff about him and made him lose fame and good friends but he is capable to forgive anyone,"

I just nod. He didn't tell me about Paige apologising and where's that trusting on each other thing?

"Linda don't worry about it because he must be talking to Anne or his dad, he won't talk to Paige if you are near... besides, he is just ignoring her calls and I know it and he's talked to me to guide him on this, she is trying to contact him again but he just ignores her. He loves you and anyone else," Louis assures me. I feel his words are true and the pain in my chest is relieved, maybe I'm exaggerating but what happened with Kendall still makes me sick and I just don't want this to be repeated again.

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