"I don't really know, it was one of those dreams you always forget..." I lie and pull down his hands from my cheeks.

"I remember something important you said in the dream," he smiles and gets a little bit closer. Filling the little space we had between us.

"What?" I frown, I don't really remember what I said during the dream.

"That you love me," he grins and kisses my nose.

This is not what I really want but I know I can't stop him, I want to kiss him so bad right now.

"I didn't say that asleep," I say and thrill.

He smiles and approaches even more to me, making our noses touch.

He's stoned, maybe waiting for me to kiss him first and even if I try so hard not to do it I can't resist anymore, having his soft lips so closer to mine.

My lips advance upon his and finally I kiss him, a simple kiss but full of love, I move my hands to his neck and there I lace my fingers and bring him closer, making him fall. My back already on the arm of the couch and his body lifting to be over mine.

"I love you," he whispers and kisses me desperately, there we open and I'm not sure why I am smiling like a freak meanwhile he kisses me this way.

Not taking so long, Harry finds the zip of my jeans and puts his hand on it.

"We can't here, everyone is on the other side of the curtain," I pull him softly to talk.

"Let's go there then," he points the big bathroom in front of us.

I laugh and shake my head, he is too crazy. I am not having anything like this in the bathroom of an airplane.

"Are you mad?" I ask and he smiles, that little smirk that I'm sure even drives crazy his mom.

"For you!" He screams and hoist my body up, making my legs wrap on his waist so I don't fall.

I hush him with my finger and he bites it, then he places me on a counter and presses his body against mine one more time.

"What if someone opens that curtain?"

I don't want anyone to think wrong things about me, I love everyone here and if they hear or see something freaky about me then I won't see them the same way I am doing it right now, I'd be so ashamed.

"Remember that time in the hammock, or when your mom was at home, or the first time I went to your house and I wanted to fuck you so hard but your mom arrived... everyone knows what we do," he says with his lips barely touching mine, he is taller than me even if I am in a tall counter so my head is lifted up.

"You were planning to have it with me that day?"

I remember how he just popped in my house drunken as heck, he wanted to sleep naked with me and he slept with me too, I am so stupid it was obvious he was going to do it.

In that time, I hated him and I don't remember why but I did. My mom saved the moment when she arrived the next day.

"Yes, you were so bitchy and it made you sexier."

His lips moved to my neck, straight to that coordinate where I lose complete control of myself and that he knows I do. He bites me softly but making me almost scream, if it isn't because he puts his hand on my mouth I would've made the plane fall down.

My head is tilted on the wall, I don't know what to say or do, I am just high. He goes to my zip again and places his hand on my crotch, making down there feel desperate for him.

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