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Songs of the chapter:

Just A Dream, Nelly.

Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran.

(EXTRA ONE HAH!) Night Changes, One Direction.

33 days without Harry.

I just listened to all of their albums, I liked them all and I'm looking forward to the next one.
Now that we are not together I'm capable to look for Harry and Linda on YouTube and find out what appears there. Some videos with pictures of us and songs in the background is all I can see, then I just look for Linda Williams and I find videos of how to dress up like me, how to do my makeup and hair... some others with more videos and songs. It's pretty weird to find these here, I don't even have like a regular routine for them or something, I just find something to wear and I dress myself up. It's nice though but I didn't know this existed and I feel different somehow, I feel important.
Then I decide to look for something deeper: Harry talking about Linda.I find just one interview where the title reads: Harry Styles on girlfriend rumours with Linda Williams.
I start playing it, it was posted four months ago and it's from a famous celebrity's channel.

"So Harry, there's always rumours about you and girls but this time you can't deny you are in a relationship with a simple British college student,"
He just laughs and throws his head up, he rubs his hands together and looks at the interviewer.
"I am," he mouths.
"Can you tell us something about this girl?"
"She is so funny, you don't usually find sarcastic and sassy girls because their busy trying to be perfect... something she's not," he answers proudly and bites his lip. "Not that she's not perfect, I mean... she doesn't try to be perfect,"

"She already is isn't she?" The interviewer asks him and he just smirks nodding.

Holy crap.

"How long have you been together? We saw you hanging out for three months but no one knew if you were together or not,"
"We've been dating for... six happy months,"
"How does she take all this Harry Styles' thing?" she draws circles with her hands in the air.
"We haven't talked about this actually but she isn't into fame, he supports me but doesn't like this world and that's how I know she loves me for me,"
"That's so cute!" The interviewer exclaims.
I press pause to wipe my tears; the watery droplets in my eyes cover my sight.
My phone rings and hoping its Harry so I answer without checking the screen.
"Hey," I try my best for my voice to sound normal.
"You haven't answered my messages! Are you almost over with the script?" Miranda asks.
"You haven't even started it have you?"
"No," I shake my head.
"What you need is Miranda taking you out for a pint,"
"I really think that's what I need," I smile weakly.
"I'm leaving out to your place, wait me in front of your building and don't move just wear something sexy,"
I accept and go to change my yoga pants into black skinny jeans, a white tank top and pumps. I put on foundation and powder so the bags disappear at least a little.
I run to the elevator and then out, so quickly that I lose my balance on one of the stairs. I see a trunk and Carter putting boxes in it.
"Wow... we haven't seen each other in so long, hi," he kisses my cheek and I remember that night.
"Hi... what you doing?" I ask.
"I'm helping Paige, she's moving,"
"Really? Why?"
"She will just live in New York from now on,"
"Oh..." I nod.
"How are you?"
"I'm good..." I lie, "and you?"
"I'm good too if we are playing the lying game,"
I smile and remain silent.
"I am not good since the last time we met, I'm sorry for what I said and possibly said to you Linda. You're so important to me you don't even know how much and it just hurt me to-,"
And I hug him tight, not letting him say any other word. He wraps his arms around me and it feels so good, I feel better than before knowing that he still feels the same way for me and that he isn't faking any feelings towards me.
Gemma hasn't replied my message so maybe she hates me now, Jacob is back to Manchester and he "doesn't have time" but he can tweet all he can with time... Kaylee has been busy with therapies and I haven't talked to her that much but just a daily "how are you?" "Good and you?" "Good" it's the longest conversation we've had. Harry and I haven't spoken since that night and I just feel unloved by everyone.
"What was that?"
"My gratitude for everything you've done for me, for not letting me alone when everyone else does and this is how I show you that you're important to me,"
"You're one of the nicest girls," he laughs.
"I know," I shrug.
"Are you free tomorrow?"
"At night," I answer quickly.
"Would you like to go to dinner with me?"
"We should go ice skating, I know a nice place where we can go,"
"So it's a date," he smirks.
"It is I guess," I add and see Miranda's car parked behind the trunk. "I need to go now... see you tomorrow,"
"Have a good time," he kisses my cheek.
"Bye," I shake my hand saying goodbye when I climb into the car.
"Who's that hottie?" Miranda enquires.
"Carter, he worked with me at Fabulous,"
"So you told him?"
"No, it wasn't the right time to do it... we are going out tomorrow so I'll tell him then,"
"Well... so steps to forget an ex starts today. The first one is get so drunk you don't remember your name, neither his,"
"Step one is up for today?"
"It is my darling,"
And we get to an Irish pub, it isn't that full but not that empty. I really want to forget him, I need to move on and continue with my life because I can't cry all my life over a boy who dumped me. I will do everything to forget about Harry Styles.
"Hey Mayer," Miranda talks to a bartender.
"Minnie! How are you?" He speaks, this guy is so hot.
His eyes are hazel and his skin is tanned because he looks so white, his hair is darker than Niall... like bronze.
"Good... This is Linda," she points at me.
"Nice to meet you," I shake his hand now that he is on the other side of the Isle.
"You too," he smiles.
"We want the highlight of the house,"
"Starting deep then," Mayer laughs.
If I were drunk I would've made out with him instantly.
He starts pouring alcohol in glasses and shaking them while I look at him, Miranda does too but not like me, not that obsessive.
When he finishes we start drinking and drinking, he goes away to bring us more of the alcohol that is finished while we still drink more, every shot goes down my throat like my pains and I didn't remember how good it was to get drunk when you're in a not good mood.
"Are you feeling better?" Miranda asks me.
"A lot," I laugh, I don't know why I laugh but I do it.
"I'm so glad this is helping you because it's so sad to be sad,"
"I know!" I exclaim, taking another shot.
"I wanna do wee wee,"
"Go," I laugh.
Mayer comes back; he leaves the bottles on the stand and looks at me.
"Do you still want the same cocktail?"
"What else do you recommend me?" I place my elbows on the table and raise my body to look at him better... he is so freaking tall.
"I'll give you a surprise,"
"I love surprises," I smirk, this is not the way I would flirt but I'm so drunk and don't give a fuck what I am doing.
"Okay..." He taps my hand and pushes me a little back.
Miranda comes back and sits back on her chair.
"So how's Elli?" She asks Mayer.
Who's Elli?
"Doing good," he smiles just like Harry smiled when talking about me.
This is how male smile when they talk about the woman they love.
"Work has been hard because Elli is working now at a big company and is a full-time job,"
"It's hard for you guys to hang out?"
"Yes, and everything has changed just a lot... we might break up soon,"
"So you should drink with us and go and dance!" I speak, "I feel in a dance mood today..."
"I don't know, there's still two minutes for my working time to be over,"
"Is someone checking the seconds?"
"Probably..." He shrugs.
"I'll go and dance alone," I roll my eyes.
I walk to the middle of the dance floor, here are men and women so I go where the girls are, I don't want Mayer to think I'm a bitch. I start dancing along with the music, I raise my hands and move my hips side to side enjoying every second of my intoxication. Two girls get closer to me and laugh while dancing like me.
"Linda..." I feel someone grabbing my hand; I turn around and is Mayer.
"Dance with me," I pull him closer to me and start shaking him.
Miranda comes too, she dances like me while... Mayer dances with me. He moves so feminine but he starts laughing as a male, he is pretending to dance like me maybe?
I get closer to him and start dancing, when a slow song comes on Miranda already has a partner. Mayer wraps his arms around my waist and we dance, I look at him and he looks at me that way, I lean my lips and he pushes me away.
"We need to talk," Mayer takes my hand and we walk out of the crowd.
I feel so dizzy that I can't really walk so I press my back against the wall, maybe this talk isn't a talk.
"Linda don't get me wrong but I am with Elli,"
"But you're breaking up with her," I cross my arms.
"But I'm in love...I don't think Miranda told you this..."
"What?" I ask and he takes out a ring from his pocket, it has the colours of a rainbow.
"Elli isn't a girl, is she?" I ask reddened.
He just shakes his head side to side.
"Oh, my God..." I sit down on the floor.
"I'm sorry... you're hot, funny and so fancy but I'm gay," he sits down beside me.
I start laughing, he does too and we just sit there laughing hard at nothing for ten minutes.
"I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable,"
"It's not the first time it happens, I work as a bartender in a straight club of course I can't act gay,"
"True fact," I snap my fingers.
"But you're cool and I love One Direction so we can be friends," he shrugs.
"Which one is your favourite?" I half-close my eyes.
"Zayn! He's a hottie," he uses his feminine voice.
"We can be friends then," I laugh.
"Which one is yours? No, wait! You seem like a Harry girl..."
"Mayer she was Harry Styles' girlfriend and she is here trying to forget him can you please shut your gay mouth up?" Miranda comes and sits in front of me.
"Really?" He opens astonished his eyes.
He shakes his head, "yes you are! I haven't been online too much lately but I remember you a little more blonde... I am friends with my idols ex!" He hugs me, I just look at Miranda and we both laugh.
"Follow me on Instagram and Twitter," he gives me his phone so I exchange everything.
I woke up with the hardest headache I've ever had, alcohol accompanied with crisps and burgers isn't the best combination one can have as dinner.
I've been trying to do this work for uni for three hours and I just have my name and date on it, I am taking chopped fruit for my lunch because I need to feel better soon, I promised Carter we were hanging out and I just need to make myself a renewed girl before 5pm.
I leave my laptop and walk to my bedroom, I lie down and feel vomit coming out so I run to the bathroom and throw up everything. I feel good throwing up, I just remember my sadness and feel throwing it up along with my McDonald's and fruit.
When I feel better I take pain relief pills and go to my fridge.
"I need to go shopping," I open the refrigerator and find what I was looking for, a six pack of ice cream.
I run to my bedroom with my ice cream, more cold crisps and savoured water and curl into bed. I turn on the TV and switch channel till I find The Bachelor, a show I used to watch when I was sixteen and on this channel they are transmiting it again.
I fall asleep and my phone wakes me up, I take it and answer without opening my eyes.
"I'm down here, sorry if I am early... I can wait you ten minutes," Carter speaks.
I take a minute to answer, "I'll be there!" I jump out of bed feeling way better and go to change my clothes.
I wear a tank top and an oversized sweater, jeans and Uggs so if I fall or something I don't hit my body so hard. I brush my hair and do a high ponytail.
After closing my door I run to the elevator and remember I didn't feed Snuggles... he can wait? I fed him at lunch so he can wait because he isn't eating too much nowadays though.
I get to the street and see Carter waiting outside his car; he bought a new one and is lovely.
"Hi," I kiss his cheek.
"Ready to fall?" He mocks.
"Not as much as you," I hit his chest and get into the car.
He starts the car and Ed Sheeran starts playing.
"You were right, he is so good... I'm obsessed with this song," he scrolls the screen of his phone and Thinking Out Loud starts playing.

When your legs don't work like they used to before
And I can't sweep you off your feet
Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?
Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?
And darling I will be loving you till you're 70
And baby my heart could still fall as hard at 23
And I'm think about how

"I like more this song," I take his phone and look for Runaway.
The least I want to do right now is listen to love songs so I choose the song we are listening to until we arrive to the ice skating place.

"It was hard to find a place, but here we are..." He parks quickly.
And we go inside, he helps me getting into those shoes and covering my head with a beanie I bought because I forgot to wear one.
He is wearing a sweater and lets his abs pop out and skinny jeans -not tight as Harry's- and a beanie.
He isn't that bad skating and I'm not either so he takes my hand and we skate all over the rink for at least two hours, when our feet hurt so bad we go and sit drink coffee.
"So what's your new article about?" He asks.
I choke in my coffee, "I actually quitted, I really want to focus in my career and it takes a lot of my time,"
"But working in Fabulous is part of your career and you loved it, isn't it because of Harry? Linda-,"
"No it's not, it's about me wanting much better for myself. Jolene didn't let me go that way because I've helped her so much, so she asked me to be the co-manager of Exposed here in London,"
"Congratulations!" He hugs me.
When I stay just frozen he lets me go and shakes his head, "you didn't accept do you?"
"I want to gain everything using my diploma not my face or because she's nice, I accepted working as the cashier,"
"You're unbelievable," he shakes his head incredulously.
"I'm still nineteen and I want to live my teenager stage without a hard work," I shrug.
"I'm not a teenager anymore then,"
"You're twenty-one, of course not," I roll my eyes jokingly. "Well adult, I am feeling energised so we should go and skate more..." I take his hand and drag him with me to the rink.
We skate literally in circles, he wraps his arms around my waist and we stay there letting the ice-skates roll while he looks at me and I try to avoid his gaze till my eyes catch his.
His head leans and I know what he is about to do, I raise my head to kiss him and an image of Harry appears on his face so I tilt my head making him kiss my cheek.
"I'm sorry," I sigh, "you're nice and I think I've liked you for so long but we should start little by little. I feel so bitchy just breaking up with Harry and 33 days after kissing you,"
He frowns, I know that I shouldn't have said the exact number of days but I just knew them.
"He is making his life over again quickly so should you," he says and kisses my cheek.


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