THIS ONE IS MATURE, if you don't fancy reading these scenes, just skip it :)


Lou opens the door and walks in with clothes in her hands and then a long hang bar full of men clothes. She takes out her iPhone and smiles at me.

"Would you like to help me?" she asks me.

I nod and walk to her. "So let's choose the outfits for the boys for the concert tomorrow... I know you want Harry so choose three more, the guys of the band as well."

I choose Josh, Sandy, Harry and Liam. She shows me pictures of them of past concerts so I have an idea of how they like to be dressed. Harry looks more than good all in black so I decide to make it that way and add the horrible bandana he loves to the outfit. For Liam black clothes too and a beanie and a tank top with those supra shoes he loves.

For the boys of the band black clothes too, everyone looks hot in black and they won't and are not the exception.

When we finish, Lou shows me her choices and we hang the outfits back on the bar. I help her putting it out of our room; Harry is in the small living room watching a football match with Niall, projected on the curtains.

"C'mon Derby!" Niall screams and jumps on the couch.

"Derby?" Lou asks and runs to them, sitting beside Niall.

Harry looks at me and points the space beside him. "I hate football," I whisper and he laughs.

"So do I," he stands up and walks to me. "Niall has company now so I can leave him with Lou, would you like to meet São Paulo?" he whispers in my ear.

"Can we go out?"

"No, but we can escape..." he mutters and laughs.

My body thaws and I nod, he grabs my hand and guides me to his room. Takes out two jackets and hands me one, it is too big for me but it's comfortable and smells like him so I don't mind at all to look once again like an Eskimo. We walk out slowly, all the lights are off and it's easy to tiptoe to the big door.

When we open it Preston is there, he removes his sunglasses and looks at us suspiciously. "Where're you going wearing that?" he asks and I freeze.

"We are going to the back part of the hotel, to meet fans; Paul is down there waiting for us." Harry lies, he does it so good and it seems like the truth due to his confidence, in which he explains without stuttering. He nods and moves to a side so we can continue walking. I sigh in relief and follow his steps to the elevator.

He presses the underground floor and takes out car keys from his pocket, he wiggles them on my face and laugh.

"Is this okay? Will you have problems or maybe will I have?" I ask terrified, it's actually the first time I escape with him somewhere and it's exciting but petrifying at the same time, what if I lose my job after this for helping him to escape?

"You won't, I will... but we won't be discovered so do not worry." He kisses my head to calm me down but I'm still having that presentiment someone will discover us.

The doors open and he holds my hand while walking to the trunk, I climb in when he opens my door and then he does the same. He hands me a beanie and sunglasses, he wears the same to hide his curls and face. Then he starts the car. I feel excitement and I laugh nervously when the garage opens and we are literally out of the hotel, surrounded by tons of girls screaming and some guards near us.

Harry stops in front of a man, he rolls down the window and whispers him something in his ear, the man nods and says "ten? Alright!"

Harry gives him something and then continues driving out of the street.

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